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  Revel Performa 3
My last thread on this topic ended up under music somehow, but anyway has anyone actually heard these ? The promotional video on Revels web page looks very promising. They are coming out next month, Thanks, Christopher
Chrissain  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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11-21-12   Very cool gear. it's hard to comprehend the depth of there t ...   Tmsorosk

11-21-12   In an interview with the head of product development, he sa ...   Chrissain

11-21-12   I've got them on my audition list for an upgrade next year.   Riffer

11-22-12   I have the f32's and center/surrounds that match. i was hopi ...   Theo

11-23-12   The video on revels web sight is very interesting, seems lik ...   Chrissain

11-24-12   The revel research and development is perhaps among the best ...   Adam18

12-07-12   Revel now has more information on their web sight on the per ...   Chrissain

01-06-13   Yes the f -208 is a superb loudspeaker. my uncle is good fr ...   Audioman58

01-07-13   Audioman, have you heard/owned other revel speakers ? how do ...   Chrissain

01-09-13   Hello chris these speakers are the result of over 2 years an ...   Audioman58

01-08-13   I was thinking about getting a pair of the f-208's but i'm w ...   Okeeteekid

01-08-13   I was thinking about getting a pair of the f-208's but i'm w ...   Okeeteekid

01-09-13   I just received my demo set of performa3, including the f206 ...   Adkav

01-10-13   I as buying the show samples but i was told it is now spoken ...   Audioman58

01-10-13   I was buying the show samples but i was told it is now spoke ...   Audioman58

01-11-13   I own revel f32s and can say they are not that tube friendly ...   Chrissain

01-13-13   I spent over an hour listening to the new revel f-208's yes ...   Adam18

01-16-13   I owned the f30 speakers which were pretty good, i am just r ...   Audioman58

01-21-13   I think revel's old line look way better aesthetically. isn' ...   Wonderful_electric

01-21-13   Audioman, you went from the pendragon ses to a monitor + su ...   Shakeydeal

01-21-13   01-11-13: chrissain i own revel f32s and can say they are no ...   Scm

01-24-13   @audioman58, do you have any post break-in impressions of t ...   808hifi

02-06-13   I have 2 audio systems i sold my pendragon-se for b&w 802d ...   Audioman58

03-21-13   I heard a pair of f208s and f206s at the dealer in wilmingto ...   Richidoo

03-25-13   F308 is cancelled, per revel. it cost too much for a small i ...   Richidoo

03-29-13   Nice post richidoo, cant wait to hear them.   Chrissain

04-09-13   Richidoo,i am evaluating revel salons vs. usher be 20s. woul ...   Sammisra

04-12-13   The usher is a respectable, honest speaker. however, musica ...   Kiddman

04-12-13   Not to hijack, but definitely get the revels. the ushers hav ...   Richidoo

04-12-13   It's hard to believe that they cost the same, but then when ...   Kiddman

04-13-13   Yep, thanks. should have said this earlier but i am getting ...   Sammisra

04-14-13   I have read a thread on audiokarma where someone compared th ...   Chrissain

04-14-13   I have also read that the f208 is by far the best under 10,0 ...   Chrissain

04-14-13   Has anyone been able to do any comparison between studio 2 a ...   Prosoft7

04-17-13   I have listened to the revel m105 and was blown away at the ...   Nyaudio98

04-22-13   On avs forum someone did listen at a dealer side by side the ...   Chrissain

04-28-13   Fyi, i was with richidoo on this trip to hear the f208's and ...   Carlman

05-15-13   Hello i personally owned the f52 for 2 years ,there is no ...   Audioman58

08-29-13   One thing i found out not advertised is that the 206,is slig ...   Audioman58

09-12-13   i heard the revel m 105's at audio breakthrough in manhass ...   Guppy

09-12-13   I wanted to like the revel speaker, but was disappointed. th ...   Jafant

09-12-13   I recently stopped by a revel dealer to listen to the m106's ...   Schism

09-15-13   Some of these guys have an guy says he was dissap ...   Audioman58

10-23-13   I have now heard the f208. to say there are much better spe ...   Chrissain

01-12-14   I have yo go back and retract part of my statement on the f- ...   Audioman58

01-15-14   I wonder how good the f208s are with large orchestra classic ...   Jdec

01-21-14   The usher price range is "tuned" to the us market. ...   Astrallite

01-21-14   The usher price range is "tuned" to the us market. ...   Astrallite

01-21-14   The usher price range is "tuned" to the us market. ...   Astrallite

01-24-14   Any of you who have auditioned both the f206 and f208 have ...   Drubin

01-26-14   Anyone driving f208 with tubes? there was a comment above st ...   Lewinskih01

01-27-14   I bought the 208 after hearing both for many hours. the 208 ...   Audioman58

06-22-14   I just read the review of the f208's in sterophile. it peake ...   Donjr

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