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  Hi-Fi Shop in Colombia, SC
Will be in the SC area in Jan and was wondering if there is a good Hi-Fi shop?

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11-09-12   I can't even imagine visiting hi-fi shop in columbia sc.   Marakanetz

11-10-12   Hi wig, i am an audio hobbyist and i live in the surberbs of ...   Violin

11-10-12   thanks guys!   Wig

11-10-12   Amazing how people post things when they do not know what th ...   Rafr

11-10-12   Sounds like an opportunity for someone!   Scouter766

11-10-12   From personal experience, i can tell you not to go to upstai ...   Bojack

11-11-12   I went inside upstairs audio, although it was many years ago ...   Ivan_nosnibor

11-11-12   If i were to start audio biz in columbia i would hardly find ...   Marakanetz

11-11-12   Rafr, for your information, i was born in columbia, graduate ...   Violin

11-11-12   You should be searching for that great barbeque with the mus ...   Donjr

11-11-12   Dukes bbq in orangeburg. worth the trip.   Roscoeiii

11-11-12   Check little-pig family bbq place. lotsa lotsa grease outthe ...   Marakanetz

11-12-12   Dukes is excellent (been there), and read brothers stereo in ...   Bojack

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