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  Dynaudio Confidence C1 and Vivid V1.5
Has anyone auditioned both the Dynaudio Confidence C1 and Vivid V1.5 speakers? Any thoughts?
Handsomeck  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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02-24-11   You have great taste two of the worlds highest performing co ...   Audiofreakgeek

02-24-11   Thanks for your response. it was what i expected to hear. ...   Handsomeck

02-24-11   Readers need to be aware that audiofreakgeek is a vivid deal ...   Audiofeil

02-25-11   Dealers are always touting their own gear on this website. i ...   Taters

02-25-11   Does vivid have a website?   Taters

02-25-11   Taters, did you try to google it? it's the first website it ...   Branislav

02-27-11   As good as the c1 is, the vivid wins this time. very fast an ...   Shsohis

03-03-11   I own c1s and liked the vivid b1s when i heard them at ces, ...   Level8skier

03-04-11   If you're near montreal, the 1.5s will be playing at the sal ...   Level8skier

03-04-11: Handsomeck
Thanks for your responses. I can audition the speakers in the New York area. How long have you had the C1s? To my ears, they are amazing speakers which create great intimacy. I see you have Simaudio electronics with the C1s. I know that's supposed to be a great combo. I'm thinking of Naim separates and Naim cd player.
Handsomeck  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-07-11   i heard them both in my local stores, the new c1 mkii and ...   Lovefancy

10-08-11   In what aspects is c1's bass better than vivid's? or are the ...   Branislav

10-09-11   The vivid range has to be some of the most ugly looking spea ...   Agisthos

10-09-11   I was considering similar options to you but went with the v ...   Doc77

10-09-11   Wonder how cirrus stacks up against the new volent vl-2 se.. ...   Branislav

10-09-11   If you're talking about hearing them at rmaf, shoot ryan at ...   Doc77

10-10-11   Doc77 - please forgive the partial hijack of this thread. i ...   4musica44107

10-10-11   No problem, right now i'm using an ayon crossfire integrated ...   Doc77

10-10-11   Doc77 - many thanks. the info you shared is quite helpful t ...   4musica44107

10-14-11   Branislav: b1's bass is not weak but a little thin, still, ...   Lovefancy

12-01-11   I personally vote for the vivids. all models are smoothly e ...   Samhvcc

04-27-13   I tried the vivid audio v1.5 at my living room and fell in l ...   Nununo

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