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  Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne
Hey guys,

Has anyone heard the new Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne? Just saw this pic from CES 2011.


Any thoughts on this one?
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10-25-11   With all due respect to robsker & calloway, if the mmmicroon ...   Jtinn

10-25-11   I see your point jt, if you cannot trust a reviewer, who ca ...   Unoear

10-26-11   Robsker, calloway, i agree with jonathan. another way of s ...   Aoliviero

10-26-11   Jtinn: i in no way intimated that the speakers were mediocr ...   Robsker

10-26-11   Robsker: i am sorry to tell you that imo, you are just wrong ...   Jtinn

10-26-11   Yikes, this is getting good! jtinn, you may want to think a ...   Unoear

10-26-11   Evolution acoustics mmthree would be my dream speaker. but j ...   Milpai

10-26-11   Well pilgrim, there was also that nvs tt ($45,000) along wit ...   Unoear

10-27-11   Wow - some wild claims being made around here these days!   Fiddler

10-27-11   Jtinn: you ask about magico and do they need to have to hav ...   Robsker

10-27-11   The facts, as seen by a reviewer (if you can't trust me, who ...   Douglas_schroeder

10-27-11   With all the talk abou them, i had to give them a listen at ...   Doc77

10-27-11   I think microone marketing is not one centered on pricing, b ...   Bvdiman

10-27-11   Prairie wind blowing through my head...   Unoear

10-28-11   Doc77, i have never heard the evolution acoustics speakers b ...   Ghasley

10-28-11   Stereo says the mm micro one sounds better than the ...   Charles1dad

10-28-11   I was just about to mention that stereomojo show report. eve ...   Agisthos

10-28-11   My affiliation with vapor is i own a pair and have literally ...   Doc77

10-28-11   Interesting. i was standing outside, talking to irv gross, m ...   Usermanual

10-28-11   I haven't heard either one, and the micro one may very well ...   Shakeydeal

10-28-11   I find stereo mojo more credible than jonathan valin.after h ...   Charles1dad

10-28-11   Interesting posts and points... as to the reply regarding m ...   Unoear

10-28-11   Agisthos: how much should one spend on an amp and preamp for ...   Jtinn

10-28-11   There's no reason to get so snippy. what i say is that you' ...   Doc77

10-28-11   Jtinn, my assumption regarding higher part cost price for th ...   Charles1dad

10-28-11   Jtinn: thanks for the responses. i did not know that you a ...   Robsker

10-28-11   Doc77: fair enough. but when your friend makes completely wr ...   Jtinn

10-28-11   Robsker: thanks for your understanding and your well wishes. ...   Jtinn

10-28-11: Unoear
Well almost...
Unoear  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-29-11   Jtinn, i do not think 20k of amplification is too much or li ...   Agisthos

10-29-11   Greetings jt: i do understand your desire to defend and prot ...   Unoear

10-29-11   Take a look at speakers which use multiple ceramic/ceramic c ...   Douglas_schroeder

10-29-11   Douglas: that is absolutely correct. our diminutive mid-woof ...   Jtinn

10-29-11   Unoear, he is not alone in that. it sure felt like that at t ...   Usermanual

10-29-11   -- agistos, you may referencing jonathan carr :-) regardi ...   C1ferrari

10-29-11   One two bashings - likely na', probably motives driven. thre ...   Djanggo

10-30-11   Djanggo, sure. no motives, whatsoever... just some greenish ...   Usermanual

10-30-11   Usermanual, "magico bashing" or just simply people ...   Charles1dad

10-30-11   Looks like the magico q1 will be to standmount speakers what ...   Agisthos

10-30-11   My comments were made after some of jtinn remarks here, and ...   Usermanual

10-30-11   I have been trying to pre-order these speakers from january. ...   Zendent7

10-30-11   Usermanual, my reference was your statement about listeners ...   Charles1dad

10-30-11   But i was not talking about "listeners". i was tal ...   Usermanual

10-30-11   usermanual okay i understand, reading your earlier post tha ...   Charles1dad

11-01-11   Late to this thread but having heard the micro one at newpor ...   Radioheadokplayer

11-02-11   I heard the mm micros at rmaf, and i thought they sounded fa ...   Bryoncunningham

11-02-11   Excellent point bryon, there`s no place to hide flaws as you ...   Charles1dad

11-03-11   i think jtinn makes an excellent point that if dartzeel, a ...   Guppy

11-03-11   "can anyone enlighten me as to the best way to establis ...   Phaelon

11-12-11   They sound way cool.   Ebm

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