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  Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne
Hey guys,

Has anyone heard the new Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne? Just saw this pic from CES 2011.


Any thoughts on this one?
Rhohense  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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11-19-11   Has anyone actually bought these loudspeakers ? tawa.   Tawa

11-19-11   Tawa, are they being shipped yet?   Tbg

12-11-11   I haven't heard these speakers myself, but i see nothing wro ...   Kevm2

12-11-11   Well said kevin2.   Charles1dad

12-12-11   I would agree that these speakers sounded great at the show. ...   Tbg

12-12-11   Are evolution acoustics speakers available to audition anywh ...   Peterayer

12-13-11   It sounds like they only exist to be demoed at audio shows. ...   Shakeydeal

02-02-12: Goldmanjay
My friend and I heard the MMMicro Ones at the 2012 T.H.E Show which ran simultaneously with the CES in Vegas. We returned to the Evolution Acoustics room three times to listen to these little gems. We kept expecting a curtain to be drawn and the "real" speakers to appear. If these were not the best sound at the show they were certainly in the running.

Yes, they were being driven by a very pricey dartzell integrated amp. as well as expensive speaker cables and I too wondered what the Micro Ones would sound like with less expensive front end gear.

Never the less, the sound was incredibly airy, 3 diminutional, transparent, and the bass unbelievably fast and tight. It did not leave me feeling that it required a sub-woofer although that addition might even enhance the already
full range sound.

In a word, I love these speakers and I think the lovely aesthetics will even pass the WAF.

Goldmanjay  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

02-06-12   Does anyone who lives in mn,ia, or wi own the mmmicroones?   Seadogs1

02-06-12   Goldmanjay, did you hear them at last year's the show? i tho ...   Tbg

02-07-12   Are there different versions of this speaker that have been ...   Peterayer

02-07-12   They've demoed prototypes at the show. they have changed th ...   Zmanastronomy

02-07-12   One-off, one-off, the bottleneck satisfied; are ...   Unoear

02-07-12   As i understand it, they will be shipping production in marc ...   Tbg

02-08-12   Yikes, what could possibly be the problems associated with b ...   Unoear

02-09-12   It is two parts no longer made issue, as i understand it.   Tbg

02-18-12   I just couldn't resist throwing a wrench into this discussio ...   Hifimaniac

02-19-12   Hifimaniac, i don't think there is anything wrong with wanti ...   Tbg

03-08-12   Jtinn-- one deep question: do any of your speakers come in ...   Abramsmatch

04-11-12   Per conversation with jt, no black in plans. also, fyi, sta ...   Rbfletch

04-12-12   Not to beat a dead horse, especially since this thread is a ...   Prdprez

04-12-12   "looking forward to early recipients feedback!!" i ...   Geared4me

04-13-12   Zmanastronomy, have you had the demo yet? would love to rea ...   Peterayer

04-13-12   Per telco with jt, and his website, may 1st looks good for f ...   Rbfletch

04-28-12   Now understand may 1 will slip several weeks.   Rbfletch

04-30-12   Peter, no, the friend that was going to be getting the demo ...   Zmanastronomy

04-30-12   Zmanastronomy, that is quite puzzling. i don't blame him f ...   Peterayer

05-01-12   I'm new posting here but have followed this a while since th ...   Anythingbutsue

05-01-12   This is turning out to be more of a joke than anything else. ...   Shakeydeal

05-01-12   At the time i was frustrated, but iím happy as hell now, tha ...   Phaelon

05-01-12   I find these speakers intriguing. been keeping my eyes open ...   Milpai

05-07-12   The evolution acoustics web site says they were supposed to ...   Wilsynet

05-07-12   I spoke to jonathan friday and he said they were about 4 wee ...   Rlawry

07-21-12   So what's the latest word on these speakers?   Kevm2

07-21-12   Jonathan says they are in customs and should be out soon. i ...   Rlawry

07-31-12   Rlawry are the mmmicro ones for sale yet? if so thru whom?   Seadogs1

07-31-12 dog..well, he ate my homework...   Unoear

08-01-12   Seadogs1, i am not completely sure but i do not believe any ...   Rlawry

08-01-12   Being held up in customs? are these, by chance, being made ...   Unoear

08-02-12   I believe that they are indeed being made in china. i came ...   Rlawry

08-02-12   I was pretty tempted last winter to put a deposit on a pair ...   Rebbi

08-02-12   Hello rlawry, thank you for your reply and update regarding ...   Unoear

08-02-12   Unoear, i recall from conversations with malmgren at newport ...   Sandstone

08-02-12   Hi, unoear. you are starting to ask questions for which i h ...   Rlawry

08-04-12   I placed an order for these in late january 2011 - can't bel ...   Groovybassist

08-04-12   Groovybassist, just curious, did you have to pay a deposit w ...   Dover

08-05-12   I have heard of other sagas getting audio components from pr ...   Tbg

08-05-12   I put down 20% of speaker cost + estimated shipping. just t ...   Groovybassist

08-05-12   Fwiw, the dealer in texas wanted $500 to reserve a pair.   Rebbi

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