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  Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne
Hey guys,

Has anyone heard the new Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne? Just saw this pic from CES 2011.


Any thoughts on this one?
Rhohense  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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11-19-11: Tawa
Has anyone actually bought these loudspeakers ?

Tawa  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

11-19-11   Tawa, are they being shipped yet?   Tbg

12-11-11   I haven't heard these speakers myself, but i see nothing wro ...   Kevm2

12-11-11   Well said kevin2.   Charles1dad

12-12-11   I would agree that these speakers sounded great at the show. ...   Tbg

12-12-11   Are evolution acoustics speakers available to audition anywh ...   Peterayer

12-13-11   It sounds like they only exist to be demoed at audio shows. ...   Shakeydeal

02-02-12   My friend and i heard the mmmicro ones at the 2012 t.h.e sho ...   Goldmanjay

02-06-12   Does anyone who lives in mn,ia, or wi own the mmmicroones?   Seadogs1

02-06-12   Goldmanjay, did you hear them at last year's the show? i tho ...   Tbg

02-07-12   Are there different versions of this speaker that have been ...   Peterayer

02-07-12   They've demoed prototypes at the show. they have changed th ...   Zmanastronomy

02-07-12   One-off, one-off, the bottleneck satisfied; are ...   Unoear

02-07-12   As i understand it, they will be shipping production in marc ...   Tbg

02-08-12   Yikes, what could possibly be the problems associated with b ...   Unoear

02-09-12   It is two parts no longer made issue, as i understand it.   Tbg

02-18-12   I just couldn't resist throwing a wrench into this discussio ...   Hifimaniac

02-19-12   Hifimaniac, i don't think there is anything wrong with wanti ...   Tbg

03-08-12   Jtinn-- one deep question: do any of your speakers come in ...   Abramsmatch

04-11-12   Per conversation with jt, no black in plans. also, fyi, sta ...   Rbfletch

04-12-12   Not to beat a dead horse, especially since this thread is a ...   Prdprez

04-12-12   "looking forward to early recipients feedback!!" i ...   Geared4me

04-13-12   Zmanastronomy, have you had the demo yet? would love to rea ...   Peterayer

04-13-12   Per telco with jt, and his website, may 1st looks good for f ...   Rbfletch

04-28-12   Now understand may 1 will slip several weeks.   Rbfletch

04-30-12   Peter, no, the friend that was going to be getting the demo ...   Zmanastronomy

04-30-12   Zmanastronomy, that is quite puzzling. i don't blame him f ...   Peterayer

05-01-12   I'm new posting here but have followed this a while since th ...   Anythingbutsue

05-01-12   This is turning out to be more of a joke than anything else. ...   Shakeydeal

05-01-12   At the time i was frustrated, but iím happy as hell now, tha ...   Phaelon

05-01-12   I find these speakers intriguing. been keeping my eyes open ...   Milpai

05-07-12   The evolution acoustics web site says they were supposed to ...   Wilsynet

05-07-12   I spoke to jonathan friday and he said they were about 4 wee ...   Rlawry

07-21-12   So what's the latest word on these speakers?   Kevm2

07-21-12   Jonathan says they are in customs and should be out soon. i ...   Rlawry

07-31-12   Rlawry are the mmmicro ones for sale yet? if so thru whom?   Seadogs1

07-31-12 dog..well, he ate my homework...   Unoear

08-01-12   Seadogs1, i am not completely sure but i do not believe any ...   Rlawry

08-01-12   Being held up in customs? are these, by chance, being made ...   Unoear

08-02-12   I believe that they are indeed being made in china. i came ...   Rlawry

08-02-12   I was pretty tempted last winter to put a deposit on a pair ...   Rebbi

08-02-12   Hello rlawry, thank you for your reply and update regarding ...   Unoear

08-02-12   Unoear, i recall from conversations with malmgren at newport ...   Sandstone

08-02-12   Hi, unoear. you are starting to ask questions for which i h ...   Rlawry

08-04-12   I placed an order for these in late january 2011 - can't bel ...   Groovybassist

08-04-12   Groovybassist, just curious, did you have to pay a deposit w ...   Dover

08-05-12   I have heard of other sagas getting audio components from pr ...   Tbg

08-05-12   I put down 20% of speaker cost + estimated shipping. just t ...   Groovybassist

08-05-12   Fwiw, the dealer in texas wanted $500 to reserve a pair.   Rebbi

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