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  Magnepan 3.7
Looks nice, link below.

“the 3.7 is a 3-way, full-range ribbon speaker with a very ‘fast’ quasi-ribbon midrange and true ribbon tweeter.”

"The 3.7 is available in new aluminum trim or our traditional wood trims of oak and cherry. Fabric options are off-white, black and dark gray. Suggested list pricing starts at $5495/pair for aluminum or oak versions, or $5895/pair for the dark cherry versions."

Magnepan 3.7
James63  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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01-14-11   The vmps line sources? i'd expect the imaging to be quite si ...   Josh358

01-14-11   Josh358, thanks for the leads. can anyone report if the 3.7 ...   Onemug

01-14-11   Onemug: i said the difference was negligible and i'll stand ...   Magfan

03-17-11   This may be a bit late,,, but who else here thinks james63 i ...   Shasonmusic

03-17-11   Shasonmusic, your comment does not even justify a reply so ...   James63

03-18-11   What's the point of stating the comment doesn't justify a re ...   Djcxxx

03-18-11   James in your opening remark, you just contradicted yoursel ...   Shasonmusic

08-08-11: Eriona01
are the 3.7 worth $3,500 more than the 1.7 try to decide if another bat vk-55 amp will be a better investment sounds good with one vk-55 will 3.7 maggies sound better or should i just get another bat for $2,000 thanks
Eriona01  (Answers | This Thread)

08-08-11   Not sure about the 3.7's yet; still in the early auditioning ...   Stickman451

08-08-11   Eriona01 i just bought a 10 month old pair of mg 3.6 r's in ...   Billestero

08-09-11   I have had 4 different auditions with the 3.7's now, and alt ...   Macdadtexas

08-09-11   Macdadtexas is making good sense i think. before i would mo ...   Stickman451

08-09-11   I heard the 20.1 and the 3.7 back to back. bought the 3.7 on ...   Socrates7

08-10-11   Socrates7, tell us more about that listening session and yo ...   Stickman451

08-12-11   What convinced me? price. the 3.7 was half the price. i thou ...   Socrates7

08-22-11   I agree with socrates7. magnepan 3.7 is the only maggie i h ...   Podeschi

08-27-11   +1: what podeschi said.   Socrates7

08-30-11: Podeschi
I am supposed to receive my new 3.7s this Friday. Will be driving them with VAC 300.1a. I hope that has enough grunt to bring out what the 3.7s have to offer. I auditioned the Maggies with 150 wpc Ayre amp and for my listening levels was more than enough. I also noticed these were the first Maggies i have heard where low level listening was as robust as 90dbs+.

Any advice on what speaker cable mates best with 3.7s?

Podeschi  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

08-30-11   I'm very happy with my dh labs silver sonic q-10 signature s ...   Stickman451

09-04-11   I think i will stick with harmonic technology pro reference ...   Podeschi

09-05-11   I now use virtue audio nirvana speaker cables and interconne ...   Aolprodj

09-05-11   After demoing a bunch of cables, wywires has come out clearl ...   Socrates7

09-05-11   Which new speaker cable is it?   Podeschi

09-05-11   It's the new wywires speaker cable. i'm not sure if this is ...   Socrates7

09-05-11   Thanks. what cables competed against it?   Podeschi

09-06-11   Nordost heimdall, clarity cable organic, cardas clear, syner ...   Socrates7

09-06-11   Thanks! very informative. by the way via my rss reader i am ...   Podeschi

09-06-11: Socrates7
@Pod: Excellent! Thanks. That makes two of you now. LOL.

RE: OP, I've been tweaking out my Maggies, too. Chokes, upgraded resistors, ceramic fuses. Taken individually, they're ... ah ... subtle. Taken as a whole, however, I think the speakers sound more refined. Interesting experiment and given how cheap most of those bits are, recommended.

Socrates7  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

09-06-11   Thanks. that was a great blog. loved the "listen for cr ...   Podeschi

09-19-11   Like the new 3.7 but would like to add a subwoofer for that ...   Mikesclee

09-19-11   My velodyne dd+15 blends perfectly with the 3.7s. a pair of ...   Podeschi

11-21-11   I don't see what all the hype is about the new magnepan spea ...   Epsilonman

11-21-11   Well, magnepan had this technology in the 70's, so i don't r ...   Macdadtexas

11-21-11   Infinity made planar speakers in the 70's too, i'm talking a ...   Epsilonman

11-22-11   infinity abandoned the technology and magnepan kept developi ...   Johnnyb53

11-22-11   there are several powered subs that would do what you're loo ...   Johnnyb53

11-22-11   Johnny53 did you ever hear the infinity irs v or the irs bet ...   Epsilonman

11-22-11   Since we are arguing things that can't really be proven and ...   Lightminer

11-23-11   Epsilonman i am an great infinity "lover" and ad ...   Clavil

11-23-11   That's because the ren 90's tweeters are known to roll off a ...   Epsilonman

11-23-11   My ears must be less evolved or i didnt hear the 20.1s set u ...   Podeschi

11-25-11: Josh358

As you point out, the IRS V -- surely one of the greatest speakers ever made -- cost $60,000, and that was when it was new. The priciest Maggie goes for 1/3 of that, 1/6 when you factor in inflation. So you're comparing apples and oranges.

I can't agree with you on comparisons with the smaller Infinity models. They had their virtues, and their problems. So did the IRS V, like any speaker, but it's virtues were so overwhelming that it's hard to argue with it.

I think the big Genesis 1.1's, the speakers most comparable to the IRS, are over $100,000. For that, you could get five pairs of 20.1's and 20 pairs of 3.7's! For which reason they are of practical interest to more of us.

Magenpan had the quasi ribbon before Infinity and Jim Winey apparently wanted to use it in his original production model but didn't, for reasons I'm not clear on. In any case, it's being used now. And it's worth noting that nothing, including the IRS V, has ever equaled Tympani midbass. Sure, the Infinites went lower and louder (although the only time my 1-D's ever bottomed was on cannon shots on the Telarc I812), but the servo woofers couldn't keep up with the planar mids and tweeters, and to my ears, the Tympani woofers are the best ever made, combining as they do planar clarity with dynamic slam. If I did want to go lower and deeper, I'd just add a sub -- one contributor here actually has Bruce Pick's rotary woofer mated with his Tympani IV panels! That goes down to 0 Hz.

By the way, I understand that the 1.7 and 3.7 no longer suffer from the "Mylar sound" that bedevils large planars. That at least is what the reviewers say, I haven't heard them. The foil conductor/Mylar sandwich seems to do a better job of damping traveling waves than the wires. It's never bothered me; I can hear it if I listen, but normally I just tune it out. Unfortunately, all speakers have self-noise of one kind or another. This of course is a matter of taste, it's a sonic flaw and if it bothers you, it does.

Also, as I understand it, Mylar is actually a better sounding material than Kapton for planar drivers. The reason Infinity and other manufacturers used/use Kapton in smaller drivers is that they have to dissipate more heat, and Mylar has a lower melting point.

The reason the smaller Maggies aren't push-pull is, again, one of cost. The 20.1 is push-pull. I don't think you can get away with single-ended in a small driver like the EMIM's and EMIT's, the distortion would be too high.

Josh358  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

11-26-11   Kapton is much stronger than mylar and being that it is stro ...   Epsilonman

11-26-11   I was looking for the source that said that mylar was less r ...   Josh358

02-14-12   I finally got to hear the 3.7s and have to say, after hearin ...   Mn2hifi

02-14-12   Mike, i couldn't agree more. i auditioned a lot of speakers ...   Brownsfan

02-14-12: Mn2hifi
I also listened to to 20.1 but am buying the 3.7 although I may wait to hear the 20.7 or insist on full trade in.

The 20.1 will go deeper but using subs with 3.7 takes away any advantage in that area acknowledging that sub choice ans set up are critical.
Sound stage is slightly larger but seems to me at least some of that is little bigger physical size.

To my ear even the 20.1 has that "I can hear the crossover point and mild grain" between ribbon and midrange. I can and have lived with it since I had owned Maggies for over 25 years, but this is virtually absent in the 3.7 so while the 20.7 might beat the 3.7 I will take the 3.7s with a pair of JL Audio F 112s over the 20.1 and that set up is almost 11k and I can have the dealers demo 20.1 for that

I appreciate opinions will differ but n this guys opinion, the ".7 series" eliminates a flaw I have always heard in Maggie ribbon/mid coherency and for that alone I am buying 3.7 and passing and passed on 20.1


Mn2hifi  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

02-14-12: Unsound
Mn2hif, now you've done it. As much as I've liked the Maggies in the past, that discontinuity you've so aptly described, was my biggest objection to them. Now I just have to go listen to the 3.7's.
Unsound  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

02-16-12   Completely agree with mike's assessment. my ears told me the ...   Podeschi

02-17-12   Gentlemen, where are you getting to hear/audition the 20.1's ...   Stickman451

02-17-12   I live about 15 minutes from gifted listener in centreville ...   Mn2hifi

02-18-12   I listened to my brother's 20.1s and then the 1.7 and 3.7s a ...   Podeschi

02-19-12   I owned the 3.6r's and thought about the 3.7's after a demo. ...   Dave_b

04-06-12   My 3.7s arrived and must say an improvement over my old bi-a ...   Mn2hifi

04-06-12   Mn2hifi, congrats on the new 3.7's. let me suggest that you ...   Brownsfan

04-06-12   Browns fan, thanks, i actually have been using anti able jum ...   Mn2hifi

04-06-12: Podeschi
Mn2hifi, congrats on 3.7s. I love mine. They come into their own at about 300 hours. Especially the bass. Drastic change there where it is like subwoofers turn on. I tried different jumpers and best to my ears are emperical designs custom tweeter and midrange jumpers for maggies. I also use supreme hi-fi tuning fuses and those helped too.
Podeschi  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-29-12: Bimmer8
I own a pair of infiinty renaissance 90 speakers as well as b&w nautilus and magnepan mmg's. I must say the infinitys have continued to amaze me. They continue to sound better and better as i've improved the system around them and it makes me wonder what their ceiling is. I've auditioned the magnepan 1.7 that I thought sounded beautiful but they were a tad bright and lean in the bass. The infinitys are incredibly dynamic with tight deep bass, beautiful mids and natural highs, musical and non-fatiguing. Their best quality however is their ability to disapear wth 3D soundstage and great spaciousness, but again they need enough power, top source equipment, cables and proper setup. The comment about them having less resolution than the maggies may be because of their more laid back presentation. The maggies and especially the b&w's tend to be more forward especially on the top end.
Bimmer8  (Answers | This Thread)

11-01-12   Hi bimmer 8 i own also a pair of renaissance 90 and i agree ...   Clavil

11-02-12   I would consider magnepan down the road due to the infinity' ...   Bimmer8

11-09-12   Bimmer, if you can swing it, the 3.7 or 20.7 should do bette ...   Josh358

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