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  Odyssey Kismet Reference Speakers-
Today, Mr. Fedex brought me a wonderful pair of Odyssey Kismet Reference Speakers which I purchased from a fellow Audiophile off Audiogon. I don't know where to start. The cabinetry is of unbelieveable quality and the color is a beautiful Santos Rosewood finish. Each speaker weighs a little over 80 pounds and it is a two way design.

I have the speakers positioned about 25" from the rear wall and toed in ever so slightly. I will get right to it, the bass is the BEST bass that I have ever heard in my living room. It is very deep, taut, articulate and defined. The mids and highs are very sweet and finally, I can listen to Pink Floyd play in all their grandness. I played a mix of rock, jazz and classical this afternoon, and no matter what I played, I wasn't disappointed. I found for the first time in a long while, I wasn't picking the music apart, you know the note sounds wrong, etc. I found myself really immensed in the music.

I have yet to install the floor spikes/cones. That will be done in about a week, once the speakers have settled in. Looks like I will be staying in most of this long weekend, enjoying the music.

I throw my window open wide and call to you across the sky.
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03-15-15   Glad you are enjoying them. keep us posted.   Stereo5

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