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  Tidal Speakers owners
Could you please write your impressions about the Tidal speakers you currently own ? I will probably buy the Tidal Piano Cera in the near future so I would appreciate your feedback...
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06-06-13   Bvdiman, the youtube video from georgemg shows the tidal pla ...   Jotave2010

06-07-13   Jotave, yes i have watched both numerous times.. though (in ...   Bvdiman

07-09-13: Calloway
i had the good fortune of being able to audition 8 Stillpoint Ultra 5s with my Contriva Diacera-se speakers for the last week..WOW..what an improvement. i would not have bet that what i thought was superb sound could be improved so dramatically. everything got so much clearer and every transient became so much quicker and tighter. acoustic guitar was amazing....the depth an soundstage also improved substantially...YES..they are expensive but the improvement is just to die for. i also tried 3 of them under my Lumin Network PLayer and that,also,greatly improved the sonics. for now...i have 3 under the Lumin with 8 more coming in the near future for the speakers..i have to have them now...thanks to doug white of 'the voice that is' for the audition....
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07-12-13   Hello calloway, do you have a wooden floor?   Maceear

07-12-13   Hello calloway, do you have a wooden floor?   Maceear

07-17-13   Maceear...actually i have carpet.the ultra ss versions worke ...   Calloway

07-18-13: Tbg
Calloway, I think the Ultra Fives having five of the "technology" units versus one in the Ultra SSs, is the key. The Five have five time the vibration absorption. The LPI record weight is really the Five without a base. It is not better science, it is more of the same science.

I should add that four Ultra Fives under speakers or components than three. I am told that five sounds even better. If you try four, you need to make certain that all need to be in contact. This is since three points define a plain, so one is likely to be too low.

I have used them on carpeted and wooden floors with no apparent differences. I think the weight and the weight of the component, plus the conversion of vertical to horizontal motion that is turned into heat works on either.

Tbg  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-20-13   Norm...thanks..that makes sense. i will buy another one for ...   Calloway

07-20-13: Tbg
Calloway, when you get it, do the experiment of one being longer, which will mean that one will not be in contact. I should say that with the Ultra Five, unless they are screwed into something, such as a speaker, the Ultra foot, or the StillPoints Grid or their Component stand, there is no easy way to raise and lower them. A slim shim of metal will work. It will give you a quick test of three versus four.
Tbg  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

05-25-14   Contriva g2. any listeners on the munich show? ..   Maceear

05-27-14: Linkster
I've heard that the Piano series will have G2 versions as well, possibly by the end of this year. New enclosures (tiralit composite material first used in the Agoria), binding posts and stands/bases are in order. I believe the crossovers and drivers are the same. Insofar as the sound goes, I heard from someone who is not a Tidal dealer and he reported that the sound was denser and more dynamic (Contriva G2). Can't imagine that the Contriva extenders would be necessary.
Linkster  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

05-28-14   Thanks linkster.   Maceear

07-04-14   Any tidalists considering moving to the new g2 versions of t ...   Linkster

07-05-14   Are people still buying this illusion?   Judyazblues

07-08-14   ???????????????????   Linkster

07-09-14   Does tidal still make the piano and little piano? both with ...   Shubertmaniac

07-09-14   The paino cera is still listed as a current production model ...   Photon46

07-09-14   The little piano is long gone from production. the piano cl ...   Linkster

07-20-14: Geopolitis

I was in Munich High End show this year and I listened extensively to the Contriva G2 for two days, Friday and Saturday. My first impression on Friday was that the G2 was the most beautiful speaker I had ever seen in my life. It is that amazing!!! The sound on the first day was not up to the usual Tidal standards so I asked how many hours of burn-in were in these speakers. Apparently, the speakers were brand new and they had had only 15 hours when I first listened to them.

On Saturday though, things had already changed. The sound with about 25-30 hours of playing time was already one of the two best in the show (the other one was the system with Zellaton Reference). That was surprising to me because I know how long it takes for those Accuton drivers to reach their peak performance so I believe that this speaker won't really have any competition in their price range, both in terms of sound performance and gorgeous looks. It is a masterpiece in my personal opinion and definitely worths a careful audition by any audiophile that is looking for a true -to- the-source transducer.

Geopolitis  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-21-14   I have gone on record as saying i would never get sell my pi ...   Linkster

07-21-14   Linkster, is there a us distributor? tell us why you are so ...   Tbg

07-21-14: Geopolitis

I am sure that the Piano Diacera are best-in-their-class speakers but I believe the Contriva G2 are superior, the same way that Agoria was superior to the Contriva Diacera. Their cabin is bigger and more advanced (Tiralit based), they go lower, they feel like they have bigger dynamic range and they are an easier load to drive. If you can afford them, they are a superior speaker overall.

Geopolitis  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-21-14   Tbg...the usa distributer is doug white who is great to deal ...   Calloway

09-20-14: Rjthomas4
I placed an order for the new Contriva G2 several months ago and am currently awaiting their arrival. According to Doug White at The Voice That Is, the speakers should be delivered in late October. Having enjoyed my Piano Diaceras for the past several years, I am anxiously looking forward to hearing the improvements and sharing my observations with my fellow Audiogoners.
Rjthomas4  (Answers | This Thread)

09-21-14   Rjthomas4, congrats on your purchase. looking forward to yo ...   Bostonbean

09-22-14   Rjthomas4, both bostonbean and myself own piano diaceras. i ...   Linkster

11-01-14: Baggs1
U guys.....Still missing the point. All of this equipment shifting (buying). Get a pair of speakers U like.......then electronics, then sources (turntables, cdp), then experiment with cables, cords, wires, and room acoustical treatments, then tweaks. Not the other way around, where U'r constantly changing components. Just my opinion.....
Baggs1  (Answers | This Thread)

01-31-15: Rjthomas4
I am now the proud owner of Tidal's new Contriva G2. The speakers arrived several weeks ago and now have enough hours to provide a few reflections. As noted earlier, I have enjoyed my Piano Diaceras for the past several years and the G2s are just what you might expect from Tidal, the same superb sound plus more, with extended LF from the 9 inch woofers. For the first time in my audio career, I can sit back and just listen to the music.
Rjthomas4  (Answers | This Thread)

02-02-15   I own the piano diaceras (latest version with black bcc driv ...   Linkster

02-07-15: Rjthomas4

The Contriva G2 further improves on the wonderful Piano Diaceras that we both love. The imaging is better, the sound is fuller and more coherent and the response is more extended with the two 9 inch woofers and new tweeter.

You can check out a picture of the speakers (and me) on Doug White's home page at

Rjthomas4  (Answers | This Thread)

05-06-15: Bostonbean
Tidal coming out with a bunch of new products. The two that caught my interest are the Akira speakers (Piano Diacera replacements?) and the Assoluta Monoblock amps.

The Akira's stand 4.5 feet high for medium to small listening areas. Don't know footprint size.

The descriptor on the Tidal website seems to indicate (and I might be totally incorrect) that the new mono-blocks will be switching amps, otherwise known for the forbidden term in highend as Class D. I currently use Spectron mono-blocks and would very much like to hear how these new Tidal amps sound. Their price, though, will probably be more than I can bear.

Bostonbean  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

05-06-15   The piano g2 is a replacement for the piano cera and has a c ...   Linkster

05-07-15   I sent doug white of tvti an e-mail asking the price of the ...   Bostonbean

05-07-15: Bvdiman
Oh no, thought I was done with my Contriva, never interested in switching to other speakers going on 5yrs now.. (how time flies), not even the Agoria nor the G2 moved me enough. But hearing that Assoluta's diamond mid will make way to their more manageable sized speakers will probably change that. Curious on details of that one as I prefer more friendly sized speakers over huge monolith/towering types.. Cheaper too! ;)


*However my room at around 60m2 will be at/near limit of that speaker's filling capacity. Hmm...

Bvdiman  (Answers | This Thread)

05-08-15   Hey bvdiman, if linkster is correct regarding the dimensions ...   Bostonbean

05-08-15   The akira will play in rooms up to 60m2 according to tidal ( ...   Linkster

06-18-15   Hey linkster, i'm thinking of upgrading my all ceramic contr ...   Maceear

06-19-15   Robert, i think this can be done but it is not a matter of a ...   Linkster

06-21-15   Thanks linkster, i did contact jörn and know about the hardw ...   Maceear

06-22-15   Robert, speak to jorn directly on this matter. i know it wa ...   Linkster

06-23-15   Maceear, linkster was able to listen to my piano diacera's ...   Bostonbean

06-23-15   Thanks linkster and bostonbean for your advice. i will think ...   Maceear

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