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  Tidal Speakers owners
Could you please write your impressions about the Tidal speakers you currently own ? I will probably buy the Tidal Piano Cera in the near future so I would appreciate your feedback...
Geopolitis  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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10-10-12: Jotave2010
My Tidal Piano Cera has now 200h, paired with an Audiopax Model5 SE pre and two Model 88 SE SET 30W. I am amazed by the sound quality and transparency. It is much more than I thought it would be like.
After 500h I will start listenning to different set of cables, including Argento Flow IC and Speaker.

Jotave2010  (Answers | This Thread)

10-12-12   As a former piano cera (and presently piano diacera) owner, ...   Linkster

10-13-12: Georgemg
My tidal piano diacera has now 100 hours, I am using with with using audiopax maggiore (SET-100Watts class A1) / preamplifier audiopax model5 SE, recently bought a speaker cable scherzinger( l ittle known company located in Dortmund), I think I need not look further synergy, I'm listening to all my CDs again, this speaker has a huge balance, besides an impressive transparency.
I do not know if it is possible a better sound with more burnig in.

Georgemg  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-13-12: Bostonbean
Jotave2010 and Georgemg, Impressive gear driving your respective Pianos. Looking forward to your future posts as your Pianos evolve. I believe we all would very much like to see photos of your rigs.

In my own case I now have well over 2000 hours (no longer keeping track) on my Piano Diaceras and I can unequivocally say that I love these speakers far more than when I first received them.

Bostonbean  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-13-12   "10-13-12: bostonbean jotave2010 and georgemg, impressi ...   Bvdiman

10-15-12   Thank you all for welcoming us. george and i are very good f ...   Jotave2010

11-01-12   Been a while since i was last here. finally got my act toge ...   Kw13

11-03-12: Jotave2010
I am now using a set of Argento Flow IC and speaker cables. Amazing the improvement. The Piano Cera is now showing it's potencial.
Jotave2010  (Answers | This Thread)

11-05-12   Kw13, congratulations! happy holidays indeed.   Bostonbean

12-01-12   Hi fellow tidal owners, i own piano ceras and am in the proc ...   Adstew

12-02-12: Mountain-high
I owned the big tidals for 6 months i thought were good but not special I agree with this guy.

Patrick from Washington, DC, USA at show CAF
On the Instrument 8PS

I am an Instrument 8 PS owner of about 6 months. These speakers are great. I know I'm not telling you something you don't already know -- they just are. I just left the Capital Audio Fest here in Maryland and listened to several systems and countless speakers and I can honestly say none of the speakers I heard sounded better than my 8PS speakers. I know I'm biased, but I usually leave shows like this wanting to burn (light a match to) my systems when I get home. Not this time. Your speakers are engaging, dynamic and something that I feel proud to own. I'm blown away at times by how good they sound. They look almost as good as they sound, and as you know they look great.

I just wanted you to know that you have a product that I am proud to own. Maybe you should consider showing them to more people like events such as CAF. I will gladly support you and the product in anyway you feel I `would be of the most good. I am a Network Engineer by trade, so I'm not a salesman. I heard a lot of speakers this weekend and mine really sounds better than what I heard. Tidal's 64k speakers and the Revel Studio2 were great, but the 8PS speakers are special.

I did not want to mention this because I know it sounds strange, but this is probably the only speaker that I have been able to feel. It seems there is texture or something tangible to the sounds produced by the speakers. I know it's called "The Instrument", but I wasn't expecting this. I referred to it as special in my previous email. The Revel or Tidal speakers did not have this.

Mountain-high  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

12-03-12   What kind of nonsense post is this?? what big tidals did yo ...   Linkster

12-03-12: Mountain-high
Hi link,

this is an open discussion I like other here have owned many systems I owned the contriva which is basically a copy of Sonus Faber the sound was uninteresting and had poor efficient. They are pretty but the dc10 speaker is in another league not to mention it 95db spl

Mountain-high  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

12-03-12: Calloway
mountain-high.....we are all glad you like your' Instrument 8PS ' speaker. to each his/her own..
Calloway  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

12-04-12   I don't believe that sonus faber would think that the contri ...   Linkster

12-04-12   The whole layout including the twin rear ports is very much ...   Mountain-high

12-04-12: Djanggo
From a respondent in one of Mountain High's thread "Berlin R to challenge Magico/Raidho?" >>>>>

11-07-12: Krell_man


Actually, Mountain-High probably doesn't want to know anything. He's been touting dc10audio speakers since RMAF, plus, he's selling them.

Even dc10audio asked him to stop in another one of his threads. Obviously he's not even listening to the company.

There's nothing wrong with recommending a product that you like and use, but Mountain-High is to the point of hurting dc10audio's creditability because he's trying to push them down our throats. The fact that he's also selling the speakers is even worse.

Krell_man (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

<<<<< +1
Krell_man pretty much sums it up. Good luck and Goodbye now Mr.High!

Djanggo  (Answers | This Thread)

12-05-12: Mountain-high
I buy and sell lots of gear I have to or my wife will kill me I love hifi and I love to compare just like wine lover love to compare I am sorry if i don't think tidal speakers are very interesting but I don't and the sound is un interesting too at least Sonus make something worth to copy!
Mountain-high  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

12-05-12: Quad-man
Dear Mountain High,

I really wish you would stop all the superlatives! As for Tidal they are a superlative that I very much respect!

What makes Hi-Fi fun is the ever changing options and the pursuit of ones favorite sounds.

Please don't open the copy or knock-off door; most especially when it comes to Italian manufacture. The Italians hold a second seat to the Chinese for copy infringements they even knock off their own clothing companies with Chinese manufacture!! Mountain High your beloved instrument 8 speakers have been knocked-off by a well known Italian loudspeaker maker right down to the gloss white cabinet I wonder if in part due to all your inane touting on public forums do you know which brand? I think you do.

We value your business but will ask that you not do any more PR work for us.

Quad-man  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

12-07-12   Bostonbean, thanks, look forward to having them home. links ...   Kw13

12-10-12: Linkster
The Piano Diacera is magical, an uncolored transparent window into the original recording venue. With familiar recordings, background details that I never heard previously are easily revealed. When it comes to Tidal speakers, it's really all about the subtlety and nuance inherent in the recording, and bringing these elements out but without losing any musicality.
Linkster  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-08-13   Thanks linkster that is great endorsement and reassurance. ...   Kw13

01-09-13   Kw13, the wait will be well worth it. you can thank me late ...   Linkster

01-13-13   Linkster, i didn't see tidal at ces. were they there?   Tbg

01-14-13   Tbg, i don't believe tidal has any us representation other t ...   Linkster

01-22-13   Found on another site. ...   Bostonbean

01-22-13   I see duelund cast in those crossovers, yikes! here's an ...   Rx8man

02-13-13: Rohitmalh
Q - Is the tidal sunray or the tidal agoria (too early to comment as its still new i guess) more difficult to get extreme performance compared to the Tidal CDSE ? Which amps would you use for either ? Am planning a once in XX years upgrade to my system. Have some old mac gear MC2720 and C37 power and pre respectively, transport Wadia wt-2000, Wadia Digital 2000 DAC, B and W 804s (being the most recent addition 7-8 years ago !). Read about the Devialet D Premier and thought would do my wife a favor to reduce the amp clutter + more relevantly integrate my AV stuff using the devialet and stream music etc. 3 months later i realized my speakers are not good enough so did the rounds from Wilson to Verity. Verity Sarastro made me realize that i wanted to go back to analog amps though the Devialet (which i must now sell at 3 months of age :)) did everything i expected it to do at the time i bought it.
Am debating between tidal contriva diacera SEs (used) , agorias and the sunrays (used), sunrays Mk2 (to come soon) and wanted to assess if people believed/knew /experienced a Sunray's or an Agoria's performance in an open living room format versus that of a Contriva and more importantly if the sunrays would need much more expensive amps to get "value/extreme sound" from ?
Another question - anyone has any view on Lansche 7/8 versus Tidal ? I heard some good things about it but havent heard it yet..

Rohitmalh  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

02-16-13   Rohitmalh.... below is my experience.... 1.agoria and sunra ...   Avantgarden

02-18-13   I agree with avantgarden post, if you choose sunray your pow ...   Ojdeteos

02-17-13   Rohitmalh.... also agoria is picky for good amps too, but ...   Avantgarden

02-17-13   Thanks very much. have you owned a sunray and do you still o ...   Rohitmalh

02-21-13   Hi rohitmalh i try it with fm1811+266 , sounds good, but no ...   Avantgarden

03-05-13   I own my con dias for about a year now. drove them with naim ...   Serge_asb

03-05-13   I own my con dias for about a year now. drove them with naim ...   Serge_asb

03-07-13   Thanks guys avantgarden - am wondering whether to use the l ...   Rohitmalh

04-19-13   Hi all tidalists, very interesting posts. may i ask whethe ...   Boso27

04-19-13: Linkster
I owned the Eidolon Diamond and later went to the Piano Cera. The Tidal is way more transparent and musical. Bass definition might be a tad better on the Avalon but everything else is so much better on the Tidal it doesn't matter. I had heard that the Eidolon Diamond was a better speaker than the Indra.
Linkster  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

04-24-13   Hi linkster, itīs remarkable that you as a previous owner o ...   Boso27

04-24-13: Mapman
Avalon and Tidal speakers I have heard were night and day different. Hard to compare really. Avalon sound was very unique. Tidal more "neutral" and uber-detailed, more like other similar designs, but very well done to the nth degree.
Mapman  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

04-24-13: Linkster
I bought my Eidolon Diamonds 11 years ago and I feel it is somewhat unfair to Avalon to compare that design to the Piano Cera/Diacera. That being said, I think the Piano Diacera has been around for maybe four years and Jorn really can't improve on this 2 1/2 way gem. I am thrilled to own it and it is indeed my last speaker purchase.
Linkster  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

04-30-13   Hi linkster i got my x-tender to team up with piano diacera ...   Avantgarden

05-01-13   Hi rohitmalh, what is/was wrong with the devialet d premier ...   Maceear

05-02-13   I think of the piano diaceras as mini sunrays and with the x ...   Bostonbean

05-02-13   A highly musical piano diacera set-up, imo. hope georgemg do ...   Bvdiman

05-03-13   About piano diacera + x-tender v.s contriva diacera i think ...   Avantgarden

05-04-13   Personally, i'd rather keep things nice and simple.. want/n ...   Bvdiman

05-12-13: Rohitmalh
catching up with this thread after a couple of months. Bought the Sunray T1 eventually and loved it. Thanks to Avantgarden for coming over and help me set the same up . I must say he has great listening ears and experience so if he offers a view, pl give it due consideration... have ordered tidal impulse x (with internal crossovers) and some other gear...
Maceear : nothing wrong with the devialet at all. For the amount you spend on it (peanuts when you consider what it comprises of) it is great. I bought the devialet before i decided to buy new speakers as it exposed the inadequacy of my speakers. Then i did a major search and listened to many many speakers and decided that i liked the sound of Tidal the most. With tidal T1-sunrays, i suspect that tidal amps work best so am currently using those on loan having ordered a new pair as mentioned earlier.
Hope this helps

Rohitmalh  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

05-14-13   Congratulations rohitmalh, i would love to see pictures. s ...   Bostonbean

05-22-13   Rohitmalh: thanks for your comment on the class d amp. and i ...   Maceear

06-06-13   Bvdiman, the youtube video from georgemg shows the tidal pla ...   Jotave2010

06-07-13   Jotave, yes i have watched both numerous times.. though (in ...   Bvdiman

07-09-13: Calloway
i had the good fortune of being able to audition 8 Stillpoint Ultra 5s with my Contriva Diacera-se speakers for the last week..WOW..what an improvement. i would not have bet that what i thought was superb sound could be improved so dramatically. everything got so much clearer and every transient became so much quicker and tighter. acoustic guitar was amazing....the depth an soundstage also improved substantially...YES..they are expensive but the improvement is just to die for. i also tried 3 of them under my Lumin Network PLayer and that,also,greatly improved the sonics. for now...i have 3 under the Lumin with 8 more coming in the near future for the speakers..i have to have them now...thanks to doug white of 'the voice that is' for the audition....
Calloway  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-12-13   Hello calloway, do you have a wooden floor?   Maceear

07-12-13   Hello calloway, do you have a wooden floor?   Maceear

07-17-13   Maceear...actually i have carpet.the ultra ss versions worke ...   Calloway

07-18-13: Tbg
Calloway, I think the Ultra Fives having five of the "technology" units versus one in the Ultra SSs, is the key. The Five have five time the vibration absorption. The LPI record weight is really the Five without a base. It is not better science, it is more of the same science.

I should add that four Ultra Fives under speakers or components than three. I am told that five sounds even better. If you try four, you need to make certain that all need to be in contact. This is since three points define a plain, so one is likely to be too low.

I have used them on carpeted and wooden floors with no apparent differences. I think the weight and the weight of the component, plus the conversion of vertical to horizontal motion that is turned into heat works on either.

Tbg  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-20-13   Norm...thanks..that makes sense. i will buy another one for ...   Calloway

07-20-13: Tbg
Calloway, when you get it, do the experiment of one being longer, which will mean that one will not be in contact. I should say that with the Ultra Five, unless they are screwed into something, such as a speaker, the Ultra foot, or the StillPoints Grid or their Component stand, there is no easy way to raise and lower them. A slim shim of metal will work. It will give you a quick test of three versus four.
Tbg  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

05-25-14   Contriva g2. any listeners on the munich show? ..   Maceear

05-27-14: Linkster
I've heard that the Piano series will have G2 versions as well, possibly by the end of this year. New enclosures (tiralit composite material first used in the Agoria), binding posts and stands/bases are in order. I believe the crossovers and drivers are the same. Insofar as the sound goes, I heard from someone who is not a Tidal dealer and he reported that the sound was denser and more dynamic (Contriva G2). Can't imagine that the Contriva extenders would be necessary.
Linkster  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

05-28-14   Thanks linkster.   Maceear

07-04-14   Any tidalists considering moving to the new g2 versions of t ...   Linkster

07-05-14   Are people still buying this illusion?   Judyazblues

07-08-14   ???????????????????   Linkster

07-09-14   Does tidal still make the piano and little piano? both with ...   Shubertmaniac

07-09-14   The paino cera is still listed as a current production model ...   Photon46

07-09-14   The little piano is long gone from production. the piano cl ...   Linkster

07-20-14: Geopolitis

I was in Munich High End show this year and I listened extensively to the Contriva G2 for two days, Friday and Saturday. My first impression on Friday was that the G2 was the most beautiful speaker I had ever seen in my life. It is that amazing!!! The sound on the first day was not up to the usual Tidal standards so I asked how many hours of burn-in were in these speakers. Apparently, the speakers were brand new and they had had only 15 hours when I first listened to them.

On Saturday though, things had already changed. The sound with about 25-30 hours of playing time was already one of the two best in the show (the other one was the system with Zellaton Reference). That was surprising to me because I know how long it takes for those Accuton drivers to reach their peak performance so I believe that this speaker won't really have any competition in their price range, both in terms of sound performance and gorgeous looks. It is a masterpiece in my personal opinion and definitely worths a careful audition by any audiophile that is looking for a true -to- the-source transducer.

Geopolitis  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-21-14   I have gone on record as saying i would never get sell my pi ...   Linkster

07-21-14   Linkster, is there a us distributor? tell us why you are so ...   Tbg

07-21-14: Geopolitis

I am sure that the Piano Diacera are best-in-their-class speakers but I believe the Contriva G2 are superior, the same way that Agoria was superior to the Contriva Diacera. Their cabin is bigger and more advanced (Tiralit based), they go lower, they feel like they have bigger dynamic range and they are an easier load to drive. If you can afford them, they are a superior speaker overall.

Geopolitis  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-21-14   Tbg...the usa distributer is doug white who is great to deal ...   Calloway

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