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  B&W CDM-7SE?
Anyone have much experience with these? I'd be looking to move from a pair of Kestrels at approximately the same cost. While they're probably pretty different, I'm still not trying to take a lateral step.

Alo  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-05-10: Timrhu
I expect they would sound significantly different. As to which is better will be up to your ears.
I have been using the Meadowlark Kestrels on and off for five or six years now. Hard to say how many different speakers have been in my system as I try to find "better." Thiel, Magnepan, Vandersteen, Revel, Proac and many others. Every speaker I've tried provides some wow factor but they all fade and the Kestrels come back out. The experience is great but reselling speakers is a pain.
Give it a try but take this advice, don't sell the Kestrels until you are sure. Oh yeah, if you decide to sell the Kestrels contact me first. :)

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01-07-10: Greginnh
Loved the CDM 7's until I heard the new Paradigm Studio 60.
Greginnh  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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