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  Short List of the Best 20K Speakers
I'm looking to pickup a pair of pre-owned speakers that originally sold in the twenty thousand dollar range and can be had for around half that today. I currently own Revel Studios. I love them but want something that can go below 20 hz while still maintaining all the goodness these speakers provide. I've already heard and liked Dynaudio C4, Revel Ultima Salons (original) and Eggleston Andra II's. It's hard to get a real feel for what they sound like in your home with your equipment. Curious to hear from people who have owned or auditioned any of these. Also feel free to add any you would like to recommend. My amp is a Krell FPB600c. My room is unfortunately a 20' square with 8' ceilings. I have echobusters placed all over to keep the soundwaves from pretending to be pinballs in a pinball machine.
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10-07-09   Add a sub.   Herman

10-07-09   Interestingly enough, i went through the exact same quandary ...   Kurt_tank

10-07-09   Unfortunely there not 20k but have a pair in my home threate ...   Robertbrown

10-07-09   Herman. i considered that but between my amp, my speakers, m ...   Sg69

10-07-09   Kurt. i had the original andras for a few years and loved th ...   Sg69

10-07-09   What is with the 20hz? if you are serious and want to mainta ...   Shadorne

10-07-09: Keithr
i'm going through this myself. this is what i will be auditioning:

Wilson Sasha
Magico V3
Focal La Scala (already did---fabulous, but seemed overpriced)
Zu Definition 2 (way under 20k, but if sold in dealers---20k)

I am hoping to hear the Magicos this weekend.


Keithr  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-07-09   Add the sub.   Jaybo

10-07-09   Parsifal ovation by verity audio + two sub b-2 by rel acous ...   Roccl007

10-07-09   A second vote for the verity parsifal ovation and two rel b- ...   4musica44107

10-07-09   In my case the bass response improved not by replacing speak ...   Jylee

10-07-09   A room 20 foot square is smallish? not ideal to be square bu ...   Herman

10-08-09   It seems to me vandy model 5 would be a good choice with the ...   Philjolet

10-08-09   In that price range i like either the maggie 20.1s with subw ...   Tom_hankins

10-08-09   Vandersteen 5a's revel ultimas maggie 20.1's there are ma ...   Macdadtexas

10-08-09   Your square room is as stated a big a tattertot..i own c4s a ...   Missioncoonery

10-08-09   I'm wondering why you need 20 hz too. i would think that wo ...   Jfz

10-08-09   How about the new gallo 5ls speakers? tall, small foot prin ...   Bostonbean

10-08-09   Verity audio makes a very very good speaker and it must be h ...   Mtdking

10-09-09   Why the focus on 20hz? seems like there would be far more im ...   Pubul57

10-09-09   i asked the same question - no reply. perhaps it is just a ...   Shadorne

10-09-09   Another vote for vandersteen 5a's. i have owned mine for al ...   Zybar

10-10-09   The v5as are excellent and extremely good bass performance, ...   Pubul57

10-10-09   1st, enter 'room mode calculator' in google. the lengths o ...   Magfan

10-10-09   Spend the money on improving your listening environment if y ...   Gerrym5

10-10-09   Coincident pure reference!!!!!!!!!   Optarchie

10-11-09   I just auditioned (again) the devore fidelity reference silv ...   4musica44107

10-14-09   I had the original revel salons for a long time. i sold them ...   Yyz

10-19-09   I would go custom. why just buy off the shelf in loudspeaker ...   Johnk

10-19-09: Keithr
i heard both the V3 and the Sasha in the past week---the V3 is clearly the more musical speaker and does some uncanny imaging and soundstaging (guitars and vocals perhaps the most lifelike i've heard). i was very impressed with both, but came away much preferring the V3.

I did really like the Maxx3s, but that is an M5 competitor, not V3.

Keithr  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-19-09   Why not consider the daedalus ulysses for $11k and save the ...   Jazdoc

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