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  Vandersteen Model 7: has anyone heard?
I won't have $45K to spend on a loudspeaker in this lifetime or any other I imagine but the little snippet in TAS peaked my curiousity. Has anyone heard this speaker and would be willing to offer their impressions?
Russellrcncom  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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09-23-09   Russell, i am very anxious to know as well. the reviews base ...   Zargon

09-23-09   These will be on display the rmaf through audio alternative. ...   Theo

09-23-09   I saw them at ces and they did sound wonderful. but, they h ...   Macdadtexas

09-23-09   No, i have not heard the 7. if the past is any guide, you w ...   Buconero117

09-23-09   "the acid test for speakers in that price range is whet ...   Narrod

09-23-09   Great response from buconero117, real quality advice. paraph ...   Mjwpicman

09-23-09   Funny, wilson vs vandersteen, and if the past is any guide.. ...   G_m_c

09-23-09   Due to the completely different design philosophies, i've ne ...   Hifiman5

10-20-09   I just recently heard the model 7 at audio connection in ver ...   Tag1993

10-20-09   Heard the 7's at rmaf this year in a very small room - surel ...   Rballdude

10-20-09   Rballdude: "heard the 9's..." ? can you clarify?   Zargon

10-20-09   Ive heard them! 2 weeks ago 10/6/09 mr vandersteen himself h ...   Cruzd4

10-20-09   I recently spent some time listening to the speakers during ...   Princebaba

10-23-09   I am sorry i missed the demo at audio connection i found out ...   Programmergeek

10-23-09   I can also say that these were among the best speakers i've ...   Madfloyd

10-23-09   i spent a long weekend in the room with them at rmaf and wa ...   Samuel

10-24-09   When john (rutan) at audio connection in verona, nj sets up ...   Audiojan

10-24-09   Samuel, did you like them better than your maxx 3s?   Madfloyd

10-24-09   I too was at audio connection for the vandersteen demo a few ...   Rcprince

10-24-09   One other thing i forgot to mention, while they were superbl ...   Rcprince

10-24-09   mad, i liked that the 7's disappeared better than just abo ...   Samuel

10-24-09   I have heard vandersteens have narrow sweetspots like wilons ...   Wadav

10-24-09   Not a vice grip, but they definitely did sound better in the ...   Rcprince

10-25-09   I appreciate your response, samuel, thank you.   Madfloyd

10-27-09   Every speaker has a sweet spot, let me explain my understand ...   Programmergeek

10-27-09   What are the deminsions of the 7's. i can't find them on th ...   Husk01

10-27-09   44"h x 14"w x 20"d   Vladimir

10-04-10   I heard the vandersteen model 7's at audio connection last w ...   Aronsss

10-04-10   Shut up and go away. you could cost people a lot of money. ...   Tdaudio

10-05-10   Tdaudio - your response is well taken. my "alive" ...   Aronsss

10-05-10   Thanks aronsss, i am using two zyx universe carts. both pic ...   Tdaudio

10-05-10   I echo the many comments made by others regarding the 7's. ...   Sb_caribou

10-05-10   I completely agree with the others who heard the 7s at audio ...   Arahl

10-05-10   I haven't heard the 7, but as a former 5a owner, these are t ...   Psag

10-05-10   I wonder if these speakers would sound good with solid state ...   Madfloyd

10-05-10: Aronsss
Cartridge was the Clearaudio Concerto, not the Goldfinger which is very expensive. I believe the Concerto is $2400 which is quite reasonable in my book.
Aronsss  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-05-10   (((i wonder if these speakers would sound good with solid st ...   Audioconnection

10-05-10   Can anyone comment on the vandy 7's being classified in the ...   Rx8man

10-06-10   I have heard the 7's with ayre stack of mxr, kxr, c-5xe. ya ...   Dawgfish

10-14-10   The sevens were on demo at ultrafidelis in milwaukee all las ...   Sonofjim

10-15-10   "in his talk, richard said that they intentionally had ...   Russellrcncom

10-15-10   On wed. i stopped into ultrafidelis for a quick listening se ...   Siddh

10-16-10   Hmm, i do wonder if these speakers are up to playing rock at ...   Madfloyd

10-17-10   Hello ian i was breaking in the vandersteen 7s for a few da ...   Audioconnection

10-19-10   Can anyone else from rmaf comment on hearing this speaker? ...   Emailists

10-19-10   I attended rmaf and felt the arc/vandersteen 7 room was one ...   Csmgolf

10-19-10   I could not stay in either the vandy 7 room nor the acapella ...   Tvad

10-19-10   I heard them at rmaf and thought they sounded pretty good ov ...   Cmach

10-20-10   I heard them at rmaf, and do agree- was one of the best soun ...   Maril555

10-20-10   that's an interesting topic, because i find just the opposit ...   Tvad

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