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  Digital Phase AP-4
Wondering if anyone has heard these
and if so, what was your opinion?
Telescope_trade  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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05-05-08: Squeegybug
As I've posted here and there, I have had the smallest AP-.7 and the higher end EP-SM1. All of the Digital Phase speakers use the same unique one-piece titanium tweeter, which is without any doubt the most spectacular sounding tweeter I have ever heard of any kind. Perfect clarity, imaging, and depth, right through the midrange. No harshness or brightness or 'pleasant coloring' at all.

All their models also use the patented tuned resonance chamber bass porting, which provides clean and distortion free LF response far more accurately than any competing reflex/sealed/folded horn/transmission line I have heard.

These two I had were similar in tone, the little -.7 model sounded great but could not handle all the dynamics and SPL that I wanted. Would likely be fine in a smaller room at < 90 dB levels.

I traded for the more refined EP, and I will never give these up. I am now using them in my mastering studio, they are that good. From what I understand, the 'EP' series uses upgraded electronics, wiring, and drivers, and with nicer cabinet options over the standard 'AP' versions. For more cost of course. They will easily play > 100 dB SPL, but to be honest I still would turn to my wonderful Zu Druids if I want those kinds of full out levels.

I could only expect the AP-4 to have similar overall tonal behavior but likely with even more extended bass than the small models I have used, due to the increase in chamber volume. And surely much more SPL output, with 4 drivers and 4 tweeters in each cabinet! If you look at the published response chart you can believe what it says. Yes, the graph is through 1/3 octave smoothing, but according to the designer those data are from 500 point sampling, instead of the more common 100 points that most mfgrs publish. The impedance charts provided to me for my EP are similarly clean and free of peaks or nulls.

The very small EP-SM1 2-way has almost completely flat and extremely fast behavior to about 35 Hz, and decays smoothly below that. Similar to a transmission line, but not as 'thumpy' in the upper bass as most I have heard. In my experience, the lack of distortion and coloration in the DPs can at first come across as 'lean'. The EP absolutely need a minimum of 100-200 hours or so of run in time, since they use a lot of Cardas teflon wiring and capacitors. After that, my initial perception of somewhat reduced upper bass/low mids was completely gone, they are very accurate and well balanced. Since breaking them in I do not even use subwoofers with them anymore at all. I don't know that the APs need that much break in, but could not hurt to make sure before making critical decisions if you do get them.

Sorry I cannot answer exactly about the AP-4 model, maybe the rest of this helps a bit. I know the company will offer a trial period for demos. If you like to hear 3D realism from your speakers I bet you will love Digital Phase.


Squeegybug  (Answers | This Thread)

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