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  Klipschorn with Tube Amps
What can you say about the mighty Klipschorn speakers that hasn't already been said many times over? Mine are from 1989 and I love them. I am currently using Dignity Audio mono block SET amps(imported by Monarchy Audio). The amps put out 8 watts of pure SET power and I really do not need any more than that. But just in case, I do have another pair if I decide to bi-amp. I also am running an original McIntosh MC275 tube power amp at 75 watts per side of Genelex KT88 power,which also has its particular strenghts. It really is wonderful to be able to have the opportunity to choose which of these two great amps I will let fire up the Klipschorns today. Anybody care to comment or tell me what they are using, tube wise, with the big Klipschorn's? Thanks, TONY
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03-04-08: Dilly
You are fortunate to own a pair! One of my friends have the klipschorns and I love them. I own Mauhorns with Lowther drivers + sub. The Lowthers got a bit more texture but canno't match the Khorns for absolute believability. Another thing I like in the Khorns is the ability to be 'subtle' or 'brutal' based on the amps you use. This is unique among horns IMO.

We have tried both 300B & 2A3 Cary amps. The preference is for 2a3. Enjoy your horns! Cheers

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