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  The best mini monitors you have heard?
Two ways, either stand-mounted or small floor standers. If you have good experience, could you share? I have been using the Kharma 3.2s for a few years, so take that as my reference point. I have heard the Magico Minis...impressive initially but too aggressive for prolonged listening..and arguably overpriced IMHO. I haven't heard the MKII version. I recently heard the Dynaudio Confidence C1, driven by Plinius electronics. I was impressed, esp when i found out it can be had for 1/3 to 1/4 the price of the 3.2s or the Minis. What else is out there? please share.
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05-26-07   I have to say i heard a few and in my apt the proac super t ...   Schipo

05-26-07   My reference 3a dulcet sound mighty fine with vac musicbloc ...   Sherod

05-26-07   I agree with the above poster about the dynaudio c1 -- a ver ...   Raquel

05-27-07   I just purchased the marten 'dukes'; a small stand mounted 2 ...   Mikelavigne

05-26-07   You could check out ridge street's monitor wilson duettes is ...   Musicfile

05-27-07   Just love my sonus faber guarneri's. i have a very late edit ...   Daveyf

05-27-07   Starsound caravelles. oz   Ozzy62

05-27-07   B&w silver signatures sounded really spectacular years ago w ...   French_fries

05-27-07   "original" linn kans were colored, yet good. the f ...   Lindisfarne

05-27-07   You can add the soliloquy 5's and my current favorite the re ...   Larryrx7

05-27-07   I will add the gamut l3 to the list. this is a very fast ar ...   Analogtroll

05-27-07   Ensemble pa-1 reference chario academy 1 both no longer mad ...   Xiekitchen

05-27-07   (no regrets)if i had it to do all over again.i still would b ...   Blcube

05-27-07   I'll have to add the mark & daniel maximus ruby and/or sapph ...   Plato

05-27-07   I would say both the ensemble and the chario are incredible, ...   Jaybo

05-27-07   I have recently switched from an avalon eidolon to the magic ...   Roypan

05-27-07   Which charios do you have jaybo? i have the academy iii jrs. ...   Rwwear

05-27-07   You mentioned magico mini fatigue from prolonged listening.. ...   Shadorne

05-28-07   Shadorne, i don't think the magico mini has ceramic driver. ...   Alectiong

05-28-07   The best two-way i've heard to this day is a diy design bij ...   Satch

05-28-07   “ringing” is just as bad as “wobbling” which all these soft ...   Roypan

05-27-07   There's a few smallish speakers that im going to audition. i ...   Chaz801

05-28-07   sorry, i meant to say rigid drivers. titanium is a very s ...   Shadorne

05-29-07   To repeat the above the ruby of mark and daniels is breakth ...   Bbchem

05-29-07   Bbchem have you had a chance to hear the mark and daniel ara ...   Chaz801

05-29-07   Rwwear...chario academy ones. like i said though, they are n ...   Jaybo

05-29-07   Where do you guys find these speakers?! wow! everytime i tur ...   Chaz801

05-29-07   i agree it is a is all about finding the ri ...   Shadorne

05-29-07   Nice speakers jaybo. here's a pic of mine from the savant si ...   Rwwear

05-29-07   The chario academy got overshadowed by sonus faber(that waln ...   Jaybo

05-29-07   Rwwear very good looking speakers but because they are now d ...   Chaz801

05-29-07   Hi chaz801, i have had the merlin tsm very good indeed but s ...   Bbchem

05-29-07   Holy crap rwwear.....i've never heard the 3jr's....they are ...   Jaybo

05-29-07   You don't see many charios in the us. they are very fine in ...   Rwwear

05-29-07   Does anyone have the new chario millenium 2's with the twin ...   Xiekitchen

05-29-07   Bbchem thats saying quite a bit about the rubys that you lik ...   Chaz801

05-29-07: Szutinglee
i just gotta put in a word for Acapella Fidelio. i am still suffering from its lightening fast transparency shock since i heard them at the audio show in new york 2 years ago.
Szutinglee  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

05-30-07   It is hard to find the jrs. but there was a pair for sale on ...   Rwwear

05-30-07   Rwwear i think the pair of jrs are gone. there are a pair of ...   Chaz801

05-30-07   I don't know but there are reviews on chario's website. i th ...   Rwwear

05-30-07   The academy one monitor is rated down to around 50hz, but un ...   Jaybo

05-30-07   Its true chaz801, the merlins were great don't get me wrong, ...   Bbchem

06-12-07   I would reccomend you to take a listen to wilson audio duett ...   Tomer_tsin

07-26-07   I would have to agree with tomer_tsin regarding the wilson d ...   Ckoffend

07-27-07   Guess i'm just a po' boy. while i've heard plenty of expensi ...   Rumadian

07-28-07   First and foremost speak to bobby - he's as helpful with sug ...   Lzucker

07-28-07   I've loved my sequerra met 4.4 mkii for years. everybody tha ...   Abdou

08-02-07   Have you considered the totem mani speakers? for a very sma ...   Ckoffend

08-05-07   If you can find them, kef made some wonderful speakers 20 ye ...   Bongofury

08-06-07   Imho, my sonus faber guarneri hommage's are the best small ( ...   Daveyf

08-06-07   Check out the escalante fremonts!!!!   Optarchie

08-08-07   I too have heard the excalante speakers are very nice. no d ...   Ckoffend

08-09-07   Best monitor i ever heard were the platinum audio reference ...   Audiobuzz

04-02-08   Magico mini's.   Pedrillo

04-02-08   Has anyone who has heard the magico minis thought any other ...   Pubul57

04-02-08   My friend has the magico minis.previously a wonderful pair(t ...   Sirspeedy

04-02-08   Pubul57, a friend has the magico's which i've heard many man ...   Sbrown

04-02-08   I second the ridge street sason i'm biased i own a pair   Musicfile

04-02-08   In terms of price/quality ratio, i think the triangle titus ...   Ggavetti

04-03-08   What musicfile said. but before i owned them, i auditioned ...   Aggielaw

04-06-08   I also agree that the ridgestreet audio sasons best the magi ...   Ehider

04-11-08   I just had too trade rubys and maimus - too much dynamic ran ...   Shaqspack

04-12-08   You should have just traded your small room for a bigger roo ...   Kclone

05-23-08   I have owned pretty much every sonus faber monitor including ...   Stevehuff1

11-03-12   Majico? for the price of a new audi they should be.   Schubert

11-04-12   My vapor breeze speakers are wonderful!!! awesome tonality, ...   Toddnkaya

11-04-12   Majico's are good but way over priced. ridge st sassons are ...   Bhobba

11-04-12   Ridge st sassons are suburb ...obviously a typo, but one o ...   Roxy54

11-04-12   Sorry guys - yea a typo - it should of course be superb - t ...   Bhobba

11-04-12   Another vote for the lenehan ml1's. put some good tubes in f ...   Bc63

11-04-12   Yea the ml1's are very interesting like that - some love em ...   Bhobba

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