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  Best speakers ever 4 small room?
I realized my room is too small for the many best in the world speakers. Are any of the following or those of the same caliber designed or comfortable in a room with dimensions of 11' x 15' with a ceiling of 8'-6".
Talking about Avalon, Avantgarde, MBL, Kharma, Dynaudio, Soundlabs, Wisdom, Magico, Genesis, Revels, Pipedreams, Wilson, Piegas, Apogees, Legacy, Dunlavy, Rockport, Quads, JM Labs ---- caliber of speakers.
I am looking for a speaker that is absolutely gorgeous in sound and stands out from the rest.
The room can be heavily damped and willing to change my electronics.
My fav's so far: MBL's 116, Then these all fall in second: Piega c10, Dynaudio c4, Kharma's, JM Labs diva, avantgarde duo's.
I listen to orchestral music and opera on vinyl, but also all genre's and would like to have a wide full sounding presentation with subtle natural sounding bass that's deep and accurate and projects depth.
Wouldn't mind so much a 4 cabinet system or satellite and sub set up. thanks
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03-07-07: Rives
We've designed a number of small rooms and they are far more difficult than larger ones. One of the most important things is chosing the speakers carefully--so your question is a good one.

You want speakers that will work with the room, not against it. If the drivers are too large for volume of the room they will never really function the way they were intended to. Every driver has a "comfort zone" in terms of inertia and this range can vary greatly. In general smaller drivers for your room are going to work well and at a later point you may decide to add a sub for that last 1/2 octave, but I wouldn't do that initially.

The speakers that we have had experience with and gotten good results in small rooms are Kharma 3.2 and Talon Hawks. We have a room in process with Lipinski monitors and I expect that to work out very well. The other speaker that I have listened to and find excellent is the Magico mini. We have not done a room with this speaker yet, but I expect it will have similar well behaved performance in small rooms.

My reason behind not adding the sub initially is many of these speakers have remarkable bass response and in small rooms there is room gain for low frequency. Often times the sub is really not needed so I suggest starting without it (unless you are a bass freak) and then later if you feel you need more bottom end add it.

The last thing I'll point out is something we've had in development for a long time. It's a sub-PARC. This is a programmable crossover, parametric EQ, and digital amplifier for low frequency. It is (in my biased opinion) the best way to add a sub to a pair of satelites.

As a disclaimer, Rives Audio owns Talon Loudspeakers which I mentioned as a speaker I would highly recommend for that size room.

Rives  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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