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  Meret Audio?
Hello all, While visiting ebay I came across a spkr by Meret Audio. These according to this site says they were made in 97. They have a 5 inch woofer and what appears to be a 1 inch focal tweeter. They are also biwire ready. Not much info via audio review(all good though) and the company site is no more. Perhaps someone here could shed some light and I thank you in advance. Merry Christmas to all and enjoy the music.
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12-22-06: Onhwy61
Probably the Ankh monitor. Very well built and a solid performer.
Onhwy61  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

12-23-06: South43
Hi Onhwy61, Yes that's the name of the spkr in question. Would you happen to know whether it is a 4 or 8 ohm load. The reason I ask is that my amp is a diy chip clone set for a 4 ohm spkr(Epos ELS-3). Any info would be great. Have yourself a Merry Christmas.
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12-25-06: Twilo
Hi, I just looked in my old Audio equipment directory from 96.
The Meret Ankh listed for 1700.
They used that Focal Inverted dome tweeter and Focal 5 inch midbase.
For the impedance ohms, It says 8/6
So I'm assuming its 8 ohms.
Its definitely not 4 ohms.
It weighs 30 pounds and it measures 14 x 8 x 13
Its 86 DB.
Meret also made speakers called the Re and Ay.
The Re used a 7 inch midbase instead of the 5 inch midbase.
the Ay used a 9 inch midbase.
Every speaker used that Focal inverted dome tweeter.

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12-25-06: South43
Hello and thank you for the additional information. BTW did it list the freq range?
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