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  Best 10K Speaker
System is Bryston 4B-SST amp and BP-26 pre-amp, Ayre CX-7E cd player, and JM Lab MU Be monitors. Musical tastes run to instrumental classical and jazz music. Although, I am very happy with this set-up, I would like to have speakers that have the hyper detail of the JM Lab Micro Utopias, and yet also have bass you can hear and feel. I do not have room to have two subwoofers, and I have found that for me one subwoofer just does not sound right. So, I looking at floorstander's in the 10k range that go down into the 25 Hz range. My choices are down to Thiel CS6 , Audio Physic Avanti 3's, Vienna Acoustic Mahler's, and Sonus Faber Amatti's( These would have to be used ). I would greatly appreciate any input from anyone who has seriously listened to any speakers on this list, or could suggest any other speakers for consideration.
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10-12-05   Why not a used pair of utopias since your so fond of the mic ...   Velo62

10-12-05   If you like the jm lab sound so much but want more body, why ...   Ghunter

10-12-05   I own mahlers (and salons). assuming you have a large room ...   Raquel

10-12-05   Used amatis is the best. as for amatis i heard them with, te ...   Kops

10-12-05   Thanks for the response everyone, and keep it coming. howeve ...   Jhwalker

10-12-05   have you looked at second hand watt puppy 6 ??   Jeffjarvis

10-12-05   Egglestonworks andra ii's. probably the best medium sized dy ...   Luke72

10-12-05   The martin logan summit is a possibility. 10k retail. small ...   Bignerd100

10-12-05   Jhwalker - i'm interested in what subwoofers you've tried an ...   Goatwuss

10-12-05   Waf, bummer. ok, here is an idea. buy a pair of jadis euryth ...   Velo62

10-12-05   Room size? this will be most important issue. if your room i ...   Branimir

10-12-05   Yes, luke72....definately the egglestonworks andra iis, pre- ...   1markr

10-12-05   Magnepan mg-3.6, linkwitz orion, and vandersteen 3a signatur ...   Rkeman

10-12-05   Gershman acoustics avant garde go down to 24hz and retail ar ...   Kgturner

10-12-05   1markr, when you own 410lb. eggleston savoy's i guess a 210l ...   Irish65

10-12-05   Well, waf factor aside, i have a pair of alto utopia be's, a ...   Washline

10-12-05   1markr, thanks for your approval. it seems that lot of audio ...   Luke72

10-12-05   Montana epx, these are what replaced my jm lab mezzo's. on t ...   Valleyplastic

10-13-05: Jkalman
If you can go a little higher I would audition the B&W 802D (and try to get a nice discount from a reasonable dealer). The 802D blew me away. I'm saving for a pair to add to my setup eventually. If you mean 10K for one speaker and not a pair, I would check out the 800D, that is one sweet speaker IMO. One I can't afford in the near future. :(

I'm using a Bryston SP1.7 (in bypass modes for stereo and surround musics) into a Bryston 9B SST with Meridian G08 and Denon DVD-5910, through B&W 703 fronts, HTM7 center, 705 surrounds and an ASW 750 sub.

Jkalman  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-13-05   Montana epx really shake the room, a good choice also but a ...   Kops

10-13-05   You can find speakers that are much more musical and less po ...   Judy426

10-14-05   100% agree with judy426 as for b&w802.   Kops

10-27-05: Jkalman
I disagree with Judy. Most particularly because he/she has an obvious negative bias against B&W as noted in other posts he/she has made. His/Her bias goes far enough to make things up which are not true and cannot be proved.

Besides this apparent negative bias her logic is fallacious. Just because there are used B&W speakers for sale (no matter how many) does not lend credence to any negative inference (which she would like you to infer from her statements).

For instance, my dealer is now selling these used items acquired from me on a trade in: 2 B&W 703s, 2 B&W 705s with stands, B&W HTM7, and a B&W ASW 750. Why? The reason is because I traded them all in to upgrade to a pair of B&W 802Ds. I flooded the market with series 7 B&W speakers to upgrade only my front, right and left, speakers. So one could easily infer from Judy's statements and mine together that people like their B&Ws so much, they upgrade them a lot, and possibly upgrade from a lot of lower end speakers to one or two high end speakers.

I've noticed that a lot of dealers are kind in this respect, I'm guessing the reason for so many B&W speakers being up for sale, is likely because of people like me who got their feet wet and realized after a few months it was better to spend the extra money and build up to a top end system now, rather than re-buy everything later on and waste more money along the way. Then again, there is also the question of upgrading to newer models, which would explain why so many older models are on the market. This likewise proves that people must love B&W, for why would people have bought so many of them, and then sell them when there are new models with newer technology in them available. These are all reasonable explanations. Add to that, the knowledge that B&W is like the 2nd biggest audiophile speaker selling company in the world, or something akin to that, and it makes a lot of sense why there are so many to go around.

Judy's posts that I have read so far seem to follow the same agenda. Trash talk B&W then recommend the same groups of speakers she/he always recommends which leads me to believe there is an ulterior motive involved... like perhaps marketing.

Jkalman  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

11-10-05   Are you absolutely locked in to choosing a floorstander, or ...   Mdhoover

11-10-05   Speaker choice is very subjective but the number you describ ...   Larryken

11-10-05   Not 10,000, but 9,000 would be the zu definitions... dual 10 ...   Matrix

11-11-05   Yup....zu definition is as good as it gets at this price and ...   213cobra

12-11-05   Jwalker, you may want to contact jtcedinburgh, who has purch ...   Mdhoover

12-11-05   Vandersteen quatros. you'll be stunned...   Mikej

12-11-05   The 946 have alittle bit better bass response. both speakers ...   Twilo

12-11-05   I should add, however, that i'm pretty sure the avanti 3's d ...   Mdhoover

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