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  Acoustat Model 3 MK121 Interface
My son has my subject speakers with the MK 121 Interface with the Medillian update. He has a blown 1000 Micro farid? capacitor.

As Acoustat is now out of business do any of you know how/where to get the MK121 serviced????


Carl Spoerer
Spoerer  (Threads | This Thread)

Any electronics technician could replace the capacitor with a correct replacement from an electronics supply house with matching value, polarity style, and voltage rating. You may want to use an "audiophile" grade capacitor and replace the identical one in the other channel speaker as well. 

I have a pair of Mk 121B's. thats what the label on the transformer says. Both fuses are blown. Can you tell me what size and type fuses these require. Also, where can I get a manual for these beauties.

John Heim 817-822-7699 

01-15-06: G_24
This website may be helpful

G_24  (Answers | This Thread)

01-15-06: Electroresearch
Check out the Audio Circuit Acoustat pages everything you want to know about Acoustats is there.
Electroresearch  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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