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  Zingali Speakers Opinions
Anyone out there familliar with Zingalis? I just heard a set of Overture 2S Zingali speakers. I was truely impressed. I read somewhere that these were picked as best in show at CES by 1 reveiwer. The Zingalis at the show were Home Monitor 112 (i think) Found it interesting that they would pick to display the lowest model in the home Monitor line to feature at the show.
I'm surprised there are not more threads regarding these wonderfull sounding units. They look good too.
Any opinions or lines on availability greatly appriciated
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01-14-04   as i understand it,these are handled by victor goldstein.yo ...   Tpsonic

01-14-04   Even though the home monitor 112 is the lowest of the home m ...   Gaudio_eek

01-14-04   Ok now im hooked. i brought my integrated oto se in to liste ...   Flickkit

01-15-04: Dcktr
I have the overture .3S
I do love them, but they took a little work to get the sound right.
Much better bi amped. I have Space-Tech Preamp and amps(low power set amp for horns and hybrid for the woofer)
I also think it was much better with a tube set up. I listened with a high end krell pre and amps and there was no comparison. If you do not bi-amp make sure you get tone control.
If you do not mind last years models, the previous US distributor, RandyB (a great guy) has some closeouts available a good prices and may even go lower??
www.ossaudio (go to closeout link)
Also, I purchased my center channel from www.audiosalon
They have both the new models and some fantastic deals on a few in the demo area. Excellant service and communication
In the demo/used area they have for sale a $19,000 HM 212, for sale for about $7,800. If I had the bucks, hmmm.

I also love Eva Cassidy on the speakers! try Cowboy Junkies!
Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions. I am going on vacation soon and may not reply for a week though.

Finally, it appears as if they may soon have a US distributor out of New York
Zingali America
500 E. 77th street suite 2923
New York , N.Y. , 10162 USA


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06-08-04   Sure why not. i am a dealer for zingli and can attest to how ...   Sounds_real_audio

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