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  Best center speakers for dialogue clarity?
Since I use my center speaker both for the surround sound system and as the main speaker for my HDTV, I would like one that optimizes on the dialogue on TV. (Most of my music listening is in 2-channel mode.) I have the Vandersteen VCC-5 Reference center speaker, which received very good reviews, but suspect that there are better center units out there for dialogue. Any thoughts?
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10-26-03   I have a paradigm reference studio v2 that is excellent and ...   Draggcj

10-26-03   Aerial cc3 or cc5. i owned the cc3 and you can adjust it's ...   Cytocycle

10-26-03: Eldartford
Dialog clarity is best with a speaker that has quite restricted frequency response, and therefore is lousy for music. For music you should have a center speaker that matches the Left and Right speakers, and use of a dialog speaker, alas too common, is the reason why some folk think that center speakers are a bad idea. So the solution is to have two center speakers, switched in and out as appropriate. The dialog one could be cheap.

Actually, I suppose it would be possible to make a good wide range music speaker with a built-in switchable circuit to alter its response for dialog use.

Eldartford  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-27-03: Tombowlus
On the flip side, I have found my Thiel SCS3 to excel at both music and dialog clarity. I had heavily considered the larger of the two NHT centers to go along with my Thiel 3.6's, but once I compared it to the SCS3, I was immediately blown away by the SCS3. The NHT sounded like a speaker reproducing music, whereas the Thiel sounds like musicians right in front of you. Very transparent and very smooth. The drivers interact very well, and you really can't hear the crossover points. For dialog, I have also been very impressed. Both DVDs and sports broadcasts sound great and are very easy to understand.

Hope this helps, Tom.

Tombowlus  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-27-03   Handsdown the magnepan centers are incredible for dialogs an ...   Kkm

10-27-03: Kr4
The CC3 still requires a sub but I agree with you about its value as a center channel for clarity.
Kr4  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-28-03   I actually am very disappointed with my maggie cc2 center... ...   Jcruse

10-28-03: Viggen
Once I installed a rather small audio system to compliment a rather large front projection system. The speakers were Linn Kans all around with a Velodyne 18" ULD sub with a run of the mill Pioneer receiver and LD player. That system, amazingly enough, had the most life like home theater sound I've heard to date. Not as dynamic much more clarity than DTS/SDDS in some damn good theaters here in LA.
Viggen  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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