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  B&W Nautilus 801s vs. Wilson Audio Sophia?
I'm considering the above 2 speakers. I have a Krell KSA-200s amp, Krell KRC-2 preamp (which I may replace with a Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS), and for my CD will either get the Krell SACD Standard or the Esoteric DV-50 (neither of which I've yet heard). I listen to classical music and hard rock, in a 13' x 23' room. Any opinions? Thanks.
Liszt458  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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10-08-03   You have to listen to both of these.... you will either love ...   Cytocycle

10-08-03   Wilson sophia's hands down on rock and classical.   Snook2

10-08-03   You have a nice size room but i would be concerned it is too ...   Petehul

10-23-03   Abtws. (anything but the wilson sophias) the most analytical ...   Bigpowerballs

10-25-03   Wow, i cant agree on the wilson sophia/n801's comparison her ...   Ritteri

01-01-04   I've listened to the sophias and b&w 802 in the past week. ...   Jimmysny

01-01-04   Jimmysny, good choice!   Wpuppy

06-24-04: Dodgealum
Wow! I always find it fascinating how differently people can respond to the same product. Bigpowerballs (win the lottery or something else?) found the Sophia's "The most analytical, COLDEST, uninvolving speakers ever made". I've listened to them extensively and I cannot comprehend this assessment. While they may not be his cup of tea, this pan is way over the top. First, to my ears they are absolutely the reverse. Second, how can a $12,000 speaker EVER qualify as "The most analytical......" Third, given what I heard I can't even imagine this assessment with the Sophia's hooked up to a table radio. I know some people get really emotional about this audio thing but unless we keep some perspective the outside world will only be affirmed in their belief that we are all a bunch of nuts!
Dodgealum  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

06-24-04   Dodgealum, of course he does--i responded to him in another ...   Keithr

06-25-04   I listen to & judge by classical, so i'll chip in & further ...   Gregm

06-25-04   That us ine thing i did notice when auditioning the b&w's is ...   Panny

06-26-04   I've sold both wilson's and b&w's. personally, i might consi ...   Exertfluffer

06-26-04   Everyone own's and likes their own stuff. equipment matching ...   Exertfluffer

07-09-04   The b&w 801 (as with all the b&w's with that head unit desig ...   yoga44mind@

07-10-04   On the subject of "midrange suckout" try aiming wi ...   Vedric

07-10-04   I agree with yoga as the suckout problem is one which is not ...   Panny

07-11-04   The 'suckout', or problems mentioned in this site relative t ...   Lrsky

07-11-04   Lrsky not that they cannot build a better speaker,but they d ...   Panny

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