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  Anyone know anything about Counterpoint speakers?
I just bought a pair of Counterpoint speakers on Ebay. The system consists of a pair of Carlsbad subwoofers (12")that act as stands for a smaller speaker (the Orpheum). The ad states that the system retailed for $2000, but there is not much more info. I decided to take the chance since I have been pleased with other Counterpoint products in the past, but I have only owned the tube gear (amps and preamps). I didn't even know they had ever made speakers. I paid $405 for the system - did I buy some junk that was put out right before they went under or did I get a decent pair of speakers? Any opinions or info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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02-15-02   I believe that albert von schweikert had something to do in ...   Justlisten

02-15-02   thanks for the info. i guess "junk" was a little ...   Timothyjk

02-16-02: Danielk141
I have a pair of Clearfield Diplomat 2 way monitors. I purchased them new in May of '93. I was going to buy a pair of Genesis monitors (the gloss black ones, shaped like cylinders). I went to my local private audio salon to make a deposit. They were having a Clearfield seminar, I met Albert Von Schweikert. He was very personable, and answered everyones questions on speaker design & system compatibility. I ordered the Diplomats & still have them. They cost $1200.00 new, in cherry finish. They weigh 42 lbs each & have a 3" front baffle. VERY over-engineered. I have never had a problem with them. They do have the same Vifa aluminum tweeter Thiel was using back then, they don't sound good with a forward-sounding amp (I could not use my Adcom 555IIs with them). They are now rear channel speakers in my video system, mounted on sand filled Spica stands.


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