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  Best Matched Monitor Speakers For 300B S.E.T amps
Hi All,

I need some advice. I just moved into a small listening room. the small side 12'X12'. I'm thinking about buying the monitor speakers that's more appropriate for this small room that match with my 300B SET amps

So what's a good matching monitor speakers for these amps and this sized room? My budget is around $1000.

Appreciated for your help!
Audioslife  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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01-07-02   Hi please check out the soliloquy sm2a3 monitors ... they a ...   Questforsound

01-07-02   Get you some pro-ac's (1s) by far the best small speakers ma ...   Autospec

01-08-02: Lak
Check out recommended speakers on the following site. There are dozens of speakers, pictures and descriptions.
Lak  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-08-02   Hi everyone, i'm highly appreciated for your recommendation ...   Audioslife

01-08-02   I would second the proac 1sc....if you can go a bit more tha ...   Glide3

01-08-02   I would 3rd the proac 1sc. imo it the most transparent speak ...   Brulee

01-08-02   Audioslife: i have used a pair of reynaud twins with an aud ...   Dekay

01-12-02   Off base from your inquiry but you say your room is 12x12? r ...   Clueless

02-04-02   i'd like to thank everyone for your recommendations. i will ...   Audioslife

02-05-02   Try loth-x monitors. they sound great, are very efficient, ...   Cradman

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