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  Tough decision, samsung Samsung PN65F8500 or
Panasonic TX-P65ZT65B, I'm having a hard time deciding, the Samsung seems brighter and sharper my family room is a little on the bright side, the Panasonic, blacks and colors are awesome.
your feedback would be appreciated.
thank you.
Tesseract86  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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07-25-13   Though sam plasmas are fine, panny's are the best, owned sev ...   Schubert

07-25-13   Agree with   Mofimadness

07-25-13   Panasonic +3   Jjrenman

07-25-13   I read a 2013 test review between the panasonic vt & zt seri ...   Bacardi

07-25-13   I grabbed the links from the other post... check out the hd ...   Bob_reynolds

07-25-13   If you plan to connect it to 2-channel dac panasonic outputs ...   Kijanki

07-25-13   Schubert, mofimadness, jjrenman, thanks a lot for your input ...   Tesseract86

07-25-13   My cedia certified tech told me to put at least 200 hours on ...   Mofimadness

07-25-13   Bacardi, i like the sharpness and brightness of the samsung, ...   Tesseract86

07-25-13   Bob_reynolds, thank you for the links, great reviews. agree ...   Tesseract86

07-25-13   Kijanki, thanks for the heads up, i will be connecting the t ...   Tesseract86

07-31-13   This year i sold a few panasonic plasma's. in the lower pric ...   Bo1972

07-31-13   The blacks of the samsung with the extra light output gives ...   Bo1972

07-31-13   Bo1972, i went to see both tvs again side by side, the sharp ...   Tesseract86

07-31-13   Yes, the samsung is a beauty.   Nonoise

08-01-13   All the filter settings of the samsung and panasonic has to ...   Bo1972

08-01-13   The quality of both panasonic and samsung plasma's are these ...   Bo1972

08-01-13   Internet use and also app use of the f8500 is very good. thi ...   Bo1972

08-01-13   Bo1972, i'm about to go to another store that has both tvs, ...   Tesseract86

08-01-13   The samsung f8500 plasma is the strongest screen in light ou ...   Bo1972

08-03-13   I've seen both the 65" panny zt and the 64" samsun ...   Admranger

08-05-13   Wenn i read the articles about the way how people compare th ...   Bo1972

08-05-13   Even wenn you have a dark room the extra light output of the ...   Bo1972

08-27-13   After much research between the samsung f8500 and panasonic ...   Tesseract86

08-27-13   One suggestion: wenn you have the possibility just try an au ...   Bo1972

08-28-13   Bo1972, a few months ago i bought cables and power cords fro ...   Tesseract86

08-28-13   Pure silver gives you a much sharper image than any copper h ...   Bo1972

09-04-13   Bo1972 just bought the samsung 64"f8500 and a wall moun ...   Tesseract86

09-04-13   I use the flattest wall mount you can get. i needed to cut s ...   Bo1972

09-16-13   Just got the tv, its everything i expected, awesome picture, ...   Tesseract86

09-16-13   Question for tesseract86. does the sammy have a fixed powerc ...   Bacardi

09-17-13   It is not fixed.   Bo1972

09-17-13: Tesseract86
Bacardi, this link gives you some tweak ideas, good article.


Tesseract86  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

09-17-13: Tesseract86
Bo1972, just curious I got one remote (I like it) instead of the two remotes that most reviews say you're supposed to get the other is a black plastic type, they say some people prefer it to the silver one I got.
did I get short changed??
I'm happy with my remote.

Tesseract86  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

09-17-13: Bo1972
There need to be 2 remotes. The small black one. And the small metal remote control. The F8500 is deliverd with 2 remotes.
Bo1972  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

09-17-13: Tesseract86
I'll ask the dealer for it, I only got the silver one which is fine but if it comes with it why not,
thanks a lot Bo!

Tesseract86  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

09-25-13: Tesseract86
Bo1972, can you recommend settings for 3D viewing? or perhaps you could share your favorite settings on either 2D or 3D.
The more I watch the Samsung f8500 the better it gets, the colors are beautiful, its very sharp.
Waiting for 100 hours to calibrate it.

Tesseract86  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

09-25-13: Bo1972
This it not possible. Because I uese a ttal different digital box, different hdmi. And I live in another country. To many different things. They only thing I can say is that I hate the warm setting of the colours. In many articles you read it. This setting sets the white colour to a little yellow. I prefer normal. Because the white is much cleaner and like in real. I use the Audioquest Diamond hdmi pure silver on my digital box and also on my surround pre amp. This cables has a very big influence on the sharpness, black level and dynamic range. So far I never tested a hdmi cable which can change the overwhole image this much. In a very positive way.
Bo1972  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

09-25-13: Tesseract86
I'm very happy with the multiple menu and choices of tweaking this beauty to your lighting environment and liking.
My settings for 3D, I use gamma -3 it darkens a bit also gives the overall picture a punch
cell light 20
all the reviews I've read recommend warm 1 for 3D but I'll try the normal and see.

Tesseract86  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

09-25-13: Bo1972
You have to focus on the white colours. White is the most diffricult colour for plasma. With the setting on warm you will see that white never will be clean white. Also snow is never white. I f....hate wenn white is a little coloured to yellow. Panasonic has also difficulties with white. White at Samsung plasma is a lot cleaner. I worked for a company which had one of the best knowledge in technique. Here we did learn about colours of screens.
Bo1972  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

09-25-13: Tesseract86
you're right about the yellow, I tried the "normal" as you suggested and the yellow disappeared .
thanks for the info.

Tesseract86  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

09-25-13: Bo1972
What I said before in audio and in video I can see Always 3-4 steps further than any person in this business.
Bo1972  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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