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  electrocompaniet aw 100 sound quality?
After a long search and several outbids and one case with a t-200 threshold, were the owner decided not to sell. I ended up buying this aw 100 and will not receive it until saturday. Anyone have any comments about the amps sound quality and what it may compare to. thanks
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03-15-01   Not lush like a tube amp, but definitely not a typical solid ...   Sedond

03-15-01: Ears
Sedond,thanks for the reply and just what i wanted to hear from an owner as opposed to what i picked up from audio rags.The previous owner talked of this amp as one would about the love of there life,and was replacing it with the 180 monoblocks from electrocompaniet.
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03-16-01   Ears, well mebbe the p.o. was going a bit overboard, but i'm ...   Sedond

03-16-01   I have heard what is likely an earlier version of the amp yo ...   Joe_b

03-16-01   When i 1st got my 1st electro amp - the aw75, it was driving ...   Sedond

03-16-01: Ears
Hey , it came early,got it today and i love it.I have a b&k reference 202 preamp, until i can afford a replacement,but i have to say this amp is better than haflers,b&k,adcom and classe that i have had in the past.It has no problems driving the 4ohm load on my diy speakers which are like proac 2.5's, but with revelator tweeters and hovland/alphacore xovers.I have tighter,faster and deeper bass,lightyears better midrange resolution and top end detail than with the previous b&k,but i expected all of this,what i did not expect is the difference in sound quality between ic's,either this amp is real sensitive to what ic's it likes or some of the "giant killer budget ic's" i tried are not as good as i thought,and to make matters worse i just had someone win my best ic's electraglide sigs,but while i am waiting for the winners money these sure sound smooth and fast.Sedond got any tips for ic's? I also have a new coincident pc on the aw100,and according to all the owners and the maker of this brand,all there stuff including cords takes 3-500 hours to break in.I will try the stock cord in the morning and see if there is any difference.With music sounding this good,i can hardly wait till i get the right cable match and preamp,allthough the b&k is no slouch for the time being.Sedond,ever run yours mono or with balanced xlr's,does it make a big difference?
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03-17-01   Ears, the electro amps should have no problems w/wirtually * ...   Sedond

03-19-01   I got to tell you guys i find this dialogue interesting. i ...   Dannylw

03-20-01   Danny, which electro pre do ya have? i have an older ec-1a, ...   Sedond

03-20-01   I have an electro 4r. currently it's all mit with terminati ...   Dannylw

03-22-01: Ears
Doug, would you be so kind to post the website for electro as the connection listed in the manufactuers list does not work.
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03-22-01   Http://   Sedond

03-23-01: Ears
Doug, iv'e been offered a good deal on some electro 180 monoblocks and if my aw100dmb sells,i am going for it.Can you say "broke" i will be saying it for months if this deal happens.I priced the aw100 to sell,now i just have to hope no one else buys the mono blocks first.If they do i will be taking the aw100dmb off the market as i am hooked on the electro sound.
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03-23-01   Ears, i've learned this lesson the hard way - if there's any ...   Sedond

03-31-01: Ears
Doug, because my wife insisted on me using one room for 2 channel and theater sound, i have lugged my theil 3.6's to my other room and hooked them to the aw100dmb and i got to tell you,i don,t know how hard these are to drive compared to 3.5's you had but the electro has no problem and does not break a sweat driving the theils.The only problem i have is my room is too small for the theils and the five kit speakers i built plus two subs.You were definitly right about this amps being able to drive any load, not that i did not agree but the theils were not in the same room until now. greg
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