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  Best Phono Preamp under $1000
I am looking for anyone that has had good luck with a currently available phono preamp. I am using a Benz Glider with .9 output. The preamp it will be going to is the Audio Research LS3. I really need to keep it under a $1000. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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I own and recommend that you find a used Audio Research PH3 phone preamp. I have seen two units advertised uder $1000 on You will not be disappointed. Priya 

For a little more ($1250 new) the Blue Circle Audio BC-23 sounds superb. 

01-18-00: Haacke
Have Lehmann cube which sells for about &699. Excellent sound. And easy to adjust for MC cartridges.
Haacke  (Answers | This Thread)

The Superphon Revelation Dual Mono Plus is the best cheap phono/line preamp I've heard. I don't think anything made today with a $1000 retail can touch it. 

02-23-00: Carl_eber
I own the Phonomena. It's supposed to be better than the Black Cube, I haven't compared it directly. I'M SURE IT'D BE BETTER THAN THE CUBE WITH THE BATTERY POWER SUPPLY OPTION, but that would push the Phonomena's price closer to the Benz Micro PP-1, which I believe would be as good or better than the ARC PH-3 (basic, not the prime one)'s definitely QUIETER than anything this side of a Jeff Rowland Cadence (quietest of any phono in the world).
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02-23-00: Carl_eber
And a well known "1-800" mail order analog dealer did indeed quote me $1000 ($1295) for a brand spanking new Benz PP-1 phono stage...but I'd like a $.10 commission on this hot tip, heh heh heh...Good luck, and get me one while you're at it!
Carl_eber  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

02-24-00: Maggs
Thank you for your responses. I purchased the Audio Research PH3 and it indeed sounds wonderful.
Maggs  (Threads | This Thread)

05-21-00: Sdcampbell
I recently purchased a Lehmann Audio "Black Cube" to use with a new digital preamp. I am extremely pleased with it and think the retail price of $700 is fair. If you buy a new model, be sure it is the "Improved" version, which has a non-magnetic metal enclosure. If money is tight, there are used Black Cubes selling for $400-500. At that price, they are a steal!
Sdcampbell  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

06-04-00: Rwd
Hi guys... I have an ARC SP9 and interested in purcaesing the PH3. I would like to keep the SP 9 (for economic reasons and I only listen to records). Someone told me that I could hook up the PH3 directly to the that possible?? Hoow is it done??
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