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  New KT150 tubes?
Has anyone any experience with these pretty new tubes. There are already one or 2 amps I know of, that use them. The review of one of these amps in a UK magazine suggested they were a little warmer and more natural sounding than the nearly new KT120's

The article also suggested they were a straight swap for KT120 based amps, with no adjustment necessary. They are more than twice the cost of KT120's, but still not too costly compared with NOS tubes. I know changing from KT88's or 90's to 120's. did require some amp modification. I have an ARC reference 75 and might want to try the new tubes at some point, ARC don't seem to have a customer E-mail service, to ask the question
David12  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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10-10-13   Curious. my jolida 502 handles kt120s fine (although not nec ...   Wolf_garcia

10-10-13   Could be very interesting for me. i have an octave v110 desi ...   Xti16

10-11-13   I have to say, i love the sound of my amp, but it would be g ...   David12

10-11-13   I explored if the new kt150 tubes can be used in any of the ...   Milimetr

10-10-13   Just sent a note to uncle kevin deal at upscale audio and as ...   Bifwynne

10-11-13   Just heard back from uncle kevin deal. no news yet. he sai ...   Bifwynne

10-20-13   The kt 150 tube is in. $100 each. so all you folks out th ...   Tomtab

10-21-13   Kt150s are on ebay for less than that, so maybe those are cr ...   Wolf_garcia

10-21-13   i agree that the 150's are not cheap, though compared with ...   David12

10-21-13   The current best price for a quad is 300 bucks...that's wher ...   Wolf_garcia

10-21-13   They should be good for at least 2000 hours is'nt it? that i ...   David12

10-21-13   My amp manufacturer suggests 7000hrs for the kt120.....maybe ...   Naggots

10-22-13   7000 hours is two years or so at 10 hours a day...or 30 year ...   Wolf_garcia

10-22-13   Will keep my fingers crossed that these will be better quali ...   Davide256

10-21-13   Your right wolf,$300 is about the lowest ive seen them plus ...   Tomtab

10-22-13   This is the first i've heard of kt120 quality issues, and i ...   Wolf_garcia

10-22-13   The kt-120s sound fine but the internals of 1 were clearly n ...   Davide256

10-23-13   I do have one dissimilar 120, and since it works fine i igno ...   Wolf_garcia

10-24-13   Has anyone contacted arc about using kt150s in their amps? ...   Pete86

10-25-13   Yes, the kt 150's have arrived and they are spectacular. i a ...   Lissnr

10-25-13   Xri16 just heard the kt-150 the other day on a octave re-290 ...   Btselect

10-25-13   Is the kt-150 similar to the kt-120 in that it is not a dire ...   Jwm

10-25-13   For $7oo they better sound good!!!!!!!   Tomtab

10-25-13   Lissnr, what trl tube amp do you have? paul makes excellent ...   Knghifi

10-25-13   Hi knghifi, a friend of mine had a new pair of gt 200's rece ...   Lissnr

10-26-13   Btselect - thanks for the info. i just wrote to mick at dyna ...   Xti16

10-27-13   Btselect - forgot to ask. when you compared the kt150's were ...   Xti16

10-26-13   Lissnr, congrats on a terrific system and i would love to he ...   Knghifi

10-26-13   Just sent off another e mail to kal at arc about the kt-150. ...   Bifwynne

10-27-13   If arc starts using them in their ref series amps i would li ...   Smoffatt

10-27-13   Thanks knghifi, paul's work is truly sota it just takes a lo ...   Lissnr

10-27-13   I have the new gt200 monos by trl and have put the kt150 in ...   Booboobaer

10-28-13   Booboobaer - how many hrs are you talking about? i found wit ...   Xti16

10-28-13   I had a word with the uk importer at a small show over the w ...   David12

10-28-13   Xti16 the tubes were right out of the box, it could be the ...   Btselect

10-28-13: Wolf_garcia
KT 150s are likely to never appear in a guitar amp, unless somebody thinks they need a very clean unusually high powered guitar amp, which most guitar players don't. I don't think anybody makes a KT120 powered guitar amp, although a tube bass amp might be a good idea for those.

I found that the new-ish version Psvane 12AX7-T II is a great match with my Jolida 502 anyway.

Wolf_garcia  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-28-13: Xti16
Btselect - My V110 came with a Sovtek 12ax7lps and the drivers are current production Tung Sol. I don't care fgor either of those tubes. Like I said before I did like the KT120's for the first 25 hrs. If you like bandwidth check out the Gec CV6091/A2900 (12at7's).
Xti16  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-28-13: Booboobaer
Actually Xtil6 I have about 200 hours and they are still opening up.I have been told by Paul Weitzel that I should give them at least 500 hours to start seing what they can do. This is not unreasonable since I saw the same results with the KT 120.
Booboobaer  (System | Reviews | Answers | This Thread)

10-28-13: Booboobaer
David12, the KT150 tubes had rediculous bloom in mid and bass. But given time that all goes away.
Booboobaer  (System | Reviews | Answers | This Thread)

10-28-13: Xti16
the KT150 tubes had rediculous bloom in mid and bass. But given time that all goes away.

Funny that would be how I would explain the first 25 hrs with the KT120's. Kind of reminds me of the original Tung Sol 6550 solid black plates with deeper lows. Although the mids of the TS 6550 bp has mids that rival the EL34 sound which I thought was close to the KT120's when new.

Booboobaer - Please post back when they are fully broken in.

Xti16  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-28-13: Bifwynne
To ARC tube amp owners, this is Kalvin Dahl's response:

"Until engineering tests the KT150s I would not use them in the Ref 150."

I think it's a fair inference that Kal's advice covers all ARC tube amps.

Patience, patience.

Bifwynne  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-29-13: Booboobaer
I will. I have a lot going on in my system. Fairly new amps, new Dueland caps, different DAC, DC filter. It never stops!
Booboobaer  (System | Reviews | Answers | This Thread)

10-30-13: David12
Bifwynne If you or anyone else could report back with a definitive answer from ARC, that would be great. To just remind you, the UK importer said the Ref 75 should be OK, not the 150 and above, but I would rather hear what the company has to say.
David12  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-30-13: Tsushima1
It may prove to be the case that the Mains / KT ratio of the Ref 75 might receive sanction , however we may speculate that the Ref 150's 8 x KT / Mains ratio may prove too near the Red Line without major surgery , if at all.

However it would seem prudent to await the 'The Word' from ARC central on this matter regardless of model , especially for units still under warranty .

Tsushima1  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

11-04-13: Tsushima1
Hopefully we may hear some definitive direction from ARC in the not toooooooooo distant future as to which models , if any , may be certified to utilize the KT150 .
Tsushima1  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

11-06-13: Hifigeek1
ARC are currently not using this tube nor have they sonically tested or life tested it as far as I know. They continue to use the KT-120 for those amps designed to use it.
Hifigeek1  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

11-06-13: Tsushima1
Thank you for your input Hifigeek1 .

May I inquire whether you have in fact spoken with , or had direct and very recent contact with ARC R&D on this matter ?

I ask as your comment ~

" nor have they sonically tested or life tested it as far as I know"

would tend to contradict what scant information we have at this time some of which purports to be from ARC themselves !

Tsushima1  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

11-06-13: Hifigeek1
ARC is in the process of testing this tube. They are in the process of life testing the tube as well as sonic evaluations. They have not come to any decisions as of today. When I hear something more I will post it to this thread..
Hifigeek1  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

11-06-13: Bifwynne
Gary (Hifigeek) -- does ARC still hold that the KT-120s have a 2000 useful life. I thought I read a 2012 review of the Ref 150 that quoted an ARC rep as saying the KT-120 tube life was considerably longer. In the same view, is the 6550 WE tube life also 2000 hours. I have 6550 WE tubes in my ARC front end gear.
Bifwynne  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

11-07-13: Tsushima1
Good morning Hifigeek1 .

Thank you for the qualification and for the most current situation report we have had to date.
I am certain many ARC owners will be eagerly awaiting your future posts in this regard .

Tsushima1  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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