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  Redgum Audio
Anyone hear or own any Redgum gear? Amplifiers or Speakers?
Would be very interested in your thoughts.
Their stuff looks very interesting! Audio from down under, Australia.
Mezzanine  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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01-08-13   I heard one of their integrated amps once and was very impre ...   Clio09

01-08-13   I have owned the rgi35, rgi120 and rgi120 enr integrateds an ...   Gopher

01-08-13: Mezzanine
Thanks for your responses.

If you were to compare the Redgum sound to other solid state integrated amps such as the Creek, Arcam, Marantz, Rega ect., or others, what would be the differences? Would you ever characterize the sound as bright?

Do you have the remote control option for the dual volume controls? If not, do you find it hard to dial in the right level for each channel? Get the soundstage to where you would like it?

Mezzanine  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-08-13: Team212
The Redgums are OK--nothing special you should look at some other contenders from Oz as well namely

Naksa Burson and ME

Good Luck


Team212  (Answers | This Thread)

01-09-13: Mezzanine
@ Team212

Which Redgum integrated amps did you hear? What speakers were used? Why do you say they are nothing special? What did you personally not like so much about them sound wise?

So far, from all the reviews and what the two others on here have said, Redgum seems to be special and sound very good for the money.

I am just trying to ask others about the character of the sound. As I can't hear one before I buy.


Mezzanine  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-10-13: Gopher
I haven't heard solid state offerings from the brands you mention but did prefer them to a Plinius 8200 mkii I owned as well as some of the other units I listed above owned by friends.

The Redgum gear is nice stuff--very musically pleasing.

I did not have a remote for any of the units and adjusting the volume manually is simple.

Gopher  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-10-13: Team212
Hi Mezz,

Sure the Redgum Sonofagum SG 5500 Amp and Kef LS50's

with Vinyl and CD.

Like I said OK -to me lacked balls and dynamic contrast--but you may

find it to your liking

Good Luck


Team212  (Answers | This Thread)

01-10-13   I own rgi120 enr and use with zu omen def very bright amp, p ...   Igorb

01-10-13   Very specific amp i own rgi120 enr bright to zu omen def spe ...   Igorb

01-11-13: Mezzanine
Thanks Igorb, Team212, and Gopher.

@Igorb, I am a little worried if Redgum amps can sound bright, especially in the upper midrange and lower treble area? My ears are pretty sensitive to this. I am surprised you said the Redgum sounds bright with ZU speakers. I have heard them before and it seems like it would take a lot to get ZU's to sound bright. They are pretty warm and full. Perhaps you just prefer the tube sound? I think tubes are the best match for the ZU's. I heard an Electrocompaniet integrated with a pair of ZU's, not the best combo, and while the sound was a bit lean it was a sound I could still live with. And I consider Electrocompaniet to be a bit bright sounding.

@ Team212,
The Redgum Sonofagum SG 5500 is the only Redgum amp that it is not made by them. They source it from China and only tweak it a little. I was looking for a Redgum made integrated amp which I am guessing sounds a bit different than that one.

The Redgum now has dual remote volume control that matches the volume of each channel to within only 0.1DB of each other. You can also change each level as well. Downside is that Redgum can not use the much more expensive volume controls that they use in the non remote versions. You can also only change the source through the remote as it is then electronic switching. I prefer the reliability of the manual dual volume controls. But I just don't think I will ever be able to match the channels to within 0.1DB by ear like the remote one can.

I do wish I could try one out before I buy. I am a little surprised that it could be a bright sounding amp. I would have thought that with the MOSFET output devices and the passive preamp section that the amp would sound smooth if not slightly warm. That is more of the sound I am going for.

Any further insights on the sound quality would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

Mezzanine  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-11-13: Steam3642
Hi Mezzanine

Yes i own a Redgum RGI - 120enr along with the Redgum Phonostage and RGCD5enr cd player , speakers are Triangle Antal 202 floor standers and Rel - R 305 subwoofer , I have been dealing with Ian and Lindy for many years and can only say they are a gem to deal with , infact i have rang them and discussed my system and potential variations/improvements several times.
Lindy is lovely and pleasure to talk to she never and i mean never will push you away as if its to much of there hard earned time , even if you do not decide to purchase believe me they will be just as welcoming next time round.
As far as back up they are second to none , ever had a component fail and send it to the tech only to find parts no longer available ? , With Redgum no need to worry , if and thats a big if ! your amp has a problem in the future you can speak to Ian Robinson direct , parts are not an issue . As far as the Redgum components are concerned i love there open and non fatigue presentation along with a steller backup service , i have no problem with giving them 10 points . In my personal opinion they are not bright sounding amplifiers infact the Mosfet design gives a non fatigue presentation .

All the best

Steam3642  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-12-13   Thanks steam3632! tasmania, on my top 10 places to visit in ...   Mezzanine

01-12-13: Steam3642
No problems Mezz

I just thought i would give you a honest owners opinion and info . A comment in regards to the recommendation on M.E amplifiers by team212 , as far as i know Peter Stein the owner of M.e is no longer making amplifiers although i have heard he will service older units if you contact him , last i heard he was residing in Far North Queensland . As for the comments on Son of gum model , this is the $699.00 entry model and in know way can be used as a benchmark to describe Redgum Amplifiers , The Rgi - 35 onwards are in another league , on a side note yes Tas is a beautiful place . My best advice is to contact Lindy direct and see what they can do in regards to a trial purchase , honestly she is a gem of a lady and Ian is top notch.

Steam3642  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-13-13   The sonofagum falls below the rgi35 in their product line an ...   Gopher

01-13-13: Steam3642

Redgum Audio website has a 8mb info pack that has reviews on all the products plus company history , a very good read and explains just about all you require , another example of top customer relations , all you could ask for in one handy file.

Steam3642  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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