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  Best integrated amp for 10K
Currently changing system to match new Quad electrostatics. Looking at tube amp/preamps to match with Quads, but concerned over limited space in home theatre cabinet. Heard great things about VAC Sigma 160i and Ayon Audio Triton III integrated amps as being fabulous for the money. Budget around $10k. Any thoughts from people with these 2 units as to matching with the Quads? Any other options?
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01-07-13   You cannot go wrong with either of the two units that you me ...   Jmcgrogan2

01-07-13   Atma-sphere all the way!! perfect match for the electrostat ...   Vanderdm

01-07-13   The new ayre integrated is about $10k. i heard it at rmaf dr ...   Rufipennis

01-07-13   Please look at the luxman l-590ax, class a integrated priced ...   Hgeifman

01-07-13   Gamut di150.   4musica44107

01-07-13   Hegel h300; product of the year by some reviewers; and less ...   Mribob

01-07-13   The atma-sphere m-60's can be upgraded with internal volume ...   Clio09

01-08-13   I'd second the hegel h-300 which is great bang for the buck. ...   Melbguy1

01-08-13   Can someone explain why the cult following with the quads an ...   Blink123

01-08-13   Also, how important is having class a vs. class ab. obvious ...   Blink123

01-08-13   I thought all ayon audio is made in austria. is the triton ...   Blink123

01-08-13   Two other terrific integrateds you could consider if you're ...   Melbguy1

01-07-13   Have you considered the matching quad classic ii? i believe ...   Stanleylocke

01-08-13   The cult following for esl's and atma-sphere is very simple. ...   Vanderdm

01-11-13   Thank you all for your input! intrigued by the opportunity ...   Blink123

01-11-13   Do yourself some justice..give the power hungry quads the ni ...   Audiozen

01-11-13   Correction...the price on the musical fidelity m6500i is $ ...   Audiozen

01-11-13   You may want to consider the lsa statement. $12k list but av ...   Westborn

01-11-13   I still stand by my recommendation of the gamut di150, but a ...   4musica44107

01-12-13   I would go with the ayon triton. i have heard its little bro ...   Reynolds853

01-21-13   I predict that the new rowland continuum series 2 integrated ...   Audiozen

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