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  Hegel H300
Anyone familiar with this integrated amp or had a chance to hear it at the RMAF this year?

I would be very interested in any comments.

Banyon100  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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11-05-12   Same of h200, with a dac built in like the h100 did, regards   Mountainsong

11-05-12   I'm waiting for my dealer to get one in so i can audition it ...   Jackmonster

11-05-12   I heard the h200 and the h300 at rmaf this year. the h300 wi ...   Tonyptony

11-06-12   Hegel 300 is much better than h200 more dynamic, clearer, mo ...   Kops

01-08-13   Hi there just in case this can helpfull... just got one 2 ...   Apr1l2nd

01-12-13   Curious how the hegel h300 and the musical fidelity m6500i g ...   Audiozen

01-12-13   There's a review of the h300 that directly compares it again ...   Donjr

01-14-13   Donjr..i read hans wetzel's reviews of the h300 and the m6 5 ...   Audiozen

01-14-13   I'd love to hear the hegel. my dealer tells me he's going to ...   Donjr

01-15-13   Hegel h200 enough juice to power anything, quiet, refine sou ...   Mountainsong

03-12-13   Thanks for all your responses. i went ahead and bought a he ...   Banyon100

04-21-13   Purchased h300 two weeks ago and just finishing burn in. t ...   Blavine

05-02-13: Audiozen
One positive point to note..A week ago Anders at Hegel denied in an email to me that silicon germanium transistors
are used in the H-300 integrated. He finally admitted in an email I received form him yesterday that they are used in the H-300 since I disclosed to him an article and review
in a French High End magazine from last year on the H-300 that silicon germanium transistors are in the Pre-amp
stage of the H-300. These same transistors are also in the flagship H-30 amplifier and the new P-20 Preamp.

Audiozen  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

05-03-13   I have a hegel h100 and i couldn't be more happier   Rockness87

05-08-13   another integrated amplifier that may be a better investmen ...   Audiozen

05-09-13   I own a hegel h-30 amplifier, using it as a stereo amp drivi ...   Mribob

05-09-13   Audio zen, what's so great about the coda? i don't care wher ...   Donjr

05-09-13   Back myself up? you betchum junior! the founding engineer's ...   Audiozen

05-12-13   Just read the late april review of the h-300 in tas by chris ...   Audiozen

05-12-13   Audiozen, i'm having a difficult time finding the coda websi ...   Donjr

05-13-13   Donjr..thr coda web address is   Audiozen

05-13-13   I find coda's website here: coda   Bill_k

07-05-13   Recently spoke to a dealer who is most knowledgeable on the ...   Rathmullan

07-19-13   The hegal 300 is superior in everyway then the 200-100. the ...   Audioman58

07-20-13   Imo, the coda csib is a superior integrated compared to the ...   Audiozen

07-20-13   Audiozen, i have to respectfully ask whether you have had th ...   Bill_k

07-20-13   Not once did you mention listening to either integ amp. your ...   Styxtrekr

01-03-14   Has anybody compare the h300 with the h20?   Jonathanknuckey

02-06-14   Audiozen, i have no dog in this fight other than that i own ...   Blockerbrothers

03-15-14   Hello there, the equipment i have right now is oppo 105 conn ...   Mjniz31

03-17-14   Everyone still loving their h300s? i'll be placing an order ...   Topnikko

04-30-14   Hello folks, any further updates on the hegel h300 after ti ...   Kiwi_1282001

05-05-14   I just loaned hegel h80 (rated 75 watts per channel at 8 ohm ...   Ajn950

03-21-15   I tried the hegel h300 recently and think it may be the best ...   The_rang

03-21-15   Is it possible that 55 lbs. is the shipping weight with the ...   Bill_k

03-22-15   I heard a h300 lately and imo for all practical purposes har ...   Schubert

05-05-15   I currently have the h100 and will probably upgrade to the h ...   Rbstehno

05-05-15   For the shipping weight of the h300 to be 55lbs the box, sty ...   The_rang

08-15-15   I recently bought the h300. to be brief, i am very very imp ...   Writer2

08-15-15   So who has compared the h200 and h300? i don't care about w ...   Donjr

08-16-15   I had this amp as well as the h100. both are good amps but a ...   Djverne

08-16-15   The all new and significantly improved hegel h360 is due for ...   Bill_k

09-03-15   One thing i have noticed, hegel sure comes out with "ne ...   Talk2me

09-05-15   I am in possession, not of the h300, but the h80. i'm a bit ...   Gbmcleod

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