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  VAC Sig Ren MK2a Headscratcher
I am thinking about adding a solid-state amp (DNA-500) to my system to drive the bass cabinets of my VR-7se's. Currently I have 1 set of balanced outs going to 2 VAC 300.1s that are each driving a VR-7se speaker full range. The other set is driving my subwoofer.

If I disconnect the sub and hook up the 500 to these balanced outputs from the pre, with the 500 speaker outputs going to the bass cabinets of the VR-7se's, will this work? Only problem I can see is that both modules of each speaker will be receiving a full range signal, but only using a portion of it depending upon the drivers. Balancing will be a snap as the volume control will control the 500, with the attentuating knobs on the VACs available to balance the rest of the speaker to the bass.

Will I be doing any damage this way? Is there a better way to do this w/o complicating things with crossovers, etc? Does what I'm proposing make sense? The 7's love power and I had the DNA-500 sitting in a closet.... Seems like this way I can get the best of both worlds, with about 750w going to each bass unit and 300 VAC tube watts (50w+/- Class A) going to each mid/tweet/super-tweet module. On paper, seems like a great idea, BUT...Before I go very far down this path, I'd really like to get some feedback and answers to these questions above.

Thanks in advance for any light you can shine in the tunnel.. :-)

BTW- just replaced noisy Dragon 6dj8 pre driver tubes with Seimens NOS 7308's - quieter(obviously), better imaging, bigger soundstage, more air and a bit tighter bass - after 1 hour!! Will only get better - more expensive but worth it IMHO. YMMV.
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02-12-12   What you are describing is a conventional passive bi-amp arr ...   Almarg

02-12-12   Thanks al - you are correct about the transformer coupled ou ...   Fplanner2010

02-12-12   Hi fplanner2010, if you got a pair of vac's statement 450's ...   Dev

02-12-12   Hi dev- still stock fuses. actually, it was thinking about ...   Fplanner2010

02-12-12   I see what you are doing but no solid state amp that i have ...   Dev

02-12-12: Rgd
Fp, are you sure about the DNA-500 being 500 w/ch in Class A? If we are talking about the amp made by McCormack I believe it is an Class AB design although I don't know how many watts are in Class A? A buddy of mine owned one a while ago and I don't remember him advising it was all Class A power. If you are speaking of another manufacturer then never mind....
Rgd  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

02-12-12   Dev- the dna-500 is the sweetest,most tube-like solid state ...   Fplanner2010

02-12-12   Steve mccormack as quoted in this review : as steve explain ...   Almarg

02-12-12   Fplanner- yes i look forward to hearing those tubes. the dn ...   Dev

02-12-12   Al- thanks for clarifying on the dna-500 - i feel a bit emba ...   Fplanner2010

02-13-12   i suspect that if you connect the sub you would be connectin ...   Almarg

02-13-12   Hi fplanner- no worries it's just a discussion of agree to d ...   Dev

02-13-12   Al- yikes!!! now i'm scared to turn anything on!! just kidd ...   Fplanner2010

02-13-12   Mbl 101e's   Dev

02-13-12   Hi dev- did you ever try the 500 in your system? if so, do ...   Fplanner2010

02-13-12   Hi fplanner, yes i did, i actually owned one. tried it with ...   Dev

02-13-12   I'm running a similar biamp setup with vr5-annis. double kr ...   Kernelbob

02-14-12   Kernelbob - that's quite a nice system you've got there. i ...   Fplanner2010

02-14-12   Kernelbob, kronzillas, i like those amps. that would be an ...   Dev

02-14-12   I had been using spectron monoblocks full range for a couple ...   Kernelbob

02-14-12   Thanks bob - enjoy the music!!!   Fplanner2010

02-14-12   Interesting, you are using a arc ref3 pre. i recall reading ...   Dev

02-15-12   Mixing different amps for biamping dev, sure the spectrons ...   Kernelbob

02-15-12   Thanks bob. what kind of attenuators are you using? i'm usi ...   Fplanner2010

02-17-12   Kernelbob- can you shed any additional light?   Fplanner2010

02-18-12   Attenuator info... again i've tried submitting this post ...   Kernelbob

02-19-12   Thanks - sorry for the trouble.   Fplanner2010

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