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  VAC Sig Ren MK2a Headscratcher
I am thinking about adding a solid-state amp (DNA-500) to my system to drive the bass cabinets of my VR-7se's. Currently I have 1 set of balanced outs going to 2 VAC 300.1s that are each driving a VR-7se speaker full range. The other set is driving my subwoofer.

If I disconnect the sub and hook up the 500 to these balanced outputs from the pre, with the 500 speaker outputs going to the bass cabinets of the VR-7se's, will this work? Only problem I can see is that both modules of each speaker will be receiving a full range signal, but only using a portion of it depending upon the drivers. Balancing will be a snap as the volume control will control the 500, with the attentuating knobs on the VACs available to balance the rest of the speaker to the bass.

Will I be doing any damage this way? Is there a better way to do this w/o complicating things with crossovers, etc? Does what I'm proposing make sense? The 7's love power and I had the DNA-500 sitting in a closet.... Seems like this way I can get the best of both worlds, with about 750w going to each bass unit and 300 VAC tube watts (50w+/- Class A) going to each mid/tweet/super-tweet module. On paper, seems like a great idea, BUT...Before I go very far down this path, I'd really like to get some feedback and answers to these questions above.

Thanks in advance for any light you can shine in the tunnel.. :-)

BTW- just replaced noisy Dragon 6dj8 pre driver tubes with Seimens NOS 7308's - quieter(obviously), better imaging, bigger soundstage, more air and a bit tighter bass - after 1 hour!! Will only get better - more expensive but worth it IMHO. YMMV.
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02-12-12   What you are describing is a conventional passive bi-amp arr ...   Almarg

02-12-12   Thanks al - you are correct about the transformer coupled ou ...   Fplanner2010

02-12-12   Hi fplanner2010, if you got a pair of vac's statement 450's ...   Dev

02-12-12   Hi dev- still stock fuses. actually, it was thinking about ...   Fplanner2010

02-12-12   I see what you are doing but no solid state amp that i have ...   Dev

02-12-12   Fp, are you sure about the dna-500 being 500 w/ch in class a ...   Rgd

02-12-12   Dev- the dna-500 is the sweetest,most tube-like solid state ...   Fplanner2010

02-12-12   Steve mccormack as quoted in this review : as steve explain ...   Almarg

02-12-12   Fplanner- yes i look forward to hearing those tubes. the dn ...   Dev

02-12-12   Al- thanks for clarifying on the dna-500 - i feel a bit emba ...   Fplanner2010

02-13-12   i suspect that if you connect the sub you would be connectin ...   Almarg

02-13-12   Hi fplanner- no worries it's just a discussion of agree to d ...   Dev

02-13-12   Al- yikes!!! now i'm scared to turn anything on!! just kidd ...   Fplanner2010

02-13-12   Mbl 101e's   Dev

02-13-12   Hi dev- did you ever try the 500 in your system? if so, do ...   Fplanner2010

02-13-12   Hi fplanner, yes i did, i actually owned one. tried it with ...   Dev

02-13-12   I'm running a similar biamp setup with vr5-annis. double kr ...   Kernelbob

02-14-12: Fplanner2010
Kernelbob - That's quite a nice system you've got there. I heard a pair of 4 jrs bi-amped and fully driven this past weekend and the sound was literally amazing. I can only image how much even better your system must sound with the amps you are using. It gives me hope that maybe what I'm about to do might actually work!!

I have some questions, if you don't mind. How did you match the outputs between the top and bottom amps? Also, did you use an electronic crossover, or just the ones in the speakers? Have you always run them this way? Sorry for so many questions, but this is pretty new for me.

As far as your friend's system is concerned, not sure what speakers he's running but regardless, he should hear a significant improvement once those VAC tubes start to sing.

Thanks very much for sharing your experiences.

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02-14-12   Kernelbob, kronzillas, i like those amps. that would be an ...   Dev

02-14-12   I had been using spectron monoblocks full range for a couple ...   Kernelbob

02-14-12   Thanks bob - enjoy the music!!!   Fplanner2010

02-14-12   Interesting, you are using a arc ref3 pre. i recall reading ...   Dev

02-15-12   Mixing different amps for biamping dev, sure the spectrons ...   Kernelbob

02-15-12   Thanks bob. what kind of attenuators are you using? i'm usi ...   Fplanner2010

02-17-12   Kernelbob- can you shed any additional light?   Fplanner2010

02-18-12   Attenuator info... again i've tried submitting this post ...   Kernelbob

02-19-12   Thanks - sorry for the trouble.   Fplanner2010

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