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  Spectral DMA 400 Mono Blocks?
Can anyone confirm Goodwin's report that Spectral Audio showed a prototype of a new DMA 400 power amp at the 2012 CES.

Goodwin's go on to say that 400 mono blocks to be released in summer of 2012.
Sprintgtv  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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01-20-12   Yes confirmed   Ack

01-20-12   I saw that too and was surprised that there was no mention a ...   Richard_stacy

01-20-12   Hi richard, i will contact you if i decide to "upgrade ...   Ack

01-20-12   Ack i'm surprised we got that past the watchers. dialogue ab ...   Richard_stacy

01-20-12   Thanks, i am also looking to upgrade, from a dma 180. haven' ...   Sprintgtv

01-20-12   @sprintgtv: glad to help any which way i can... @richard: we ...   Ack

01-20-12   I agree, the new site is horrible - all the listings are in ...   Honest1

01-21-12   What does "wbf" stand for?   Raks

01-21-12   We host the [only?] spectral forum on   Ack

07-29-12   I've not heard anymore about this, has anyone else? after ha ...   Richard_stacy

09-17-12   Please mail me if one is about to sell the 360 or 260 amps t ...   Leutzm

09-18-12   I may put my 2010 360 s2's up for sale, but they won't be ch ...   Ack

12-08-12   Looking to buy a pair of dma 360's and a matching pre   James6462

12-08-12   I'd consider selling my 360s2's but like ack they won't be c ...   Richard_stacy

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