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  Counterpoint SA20
Hey all happy new year ..

I just pick up this beautiful amp this was at a estate sale was only able to plug it in to see if it power up and it did ... So now I buy the unit get it home open the box power it up for about a Half hour or so before I connect anything to it ..

I also had the lid off to take a peak in side all look look .

Now I set my self up connect everything and power it up . I was so please with the sound I was very happy .. so for the first hour it all went well then here is were it went south .. I notice that the right was sounding a bit weak and then the pop and the smoke and no sound I power off look inside the right side went ,,,

Well here is were I ask for help . I know that it can be repair by a few repair place on line .

My big question is who should I use have any one use or had any issue with some of the repairs and experience with some of the repair places .

I would like to repair it or should I sell it with one channel down .

Has anyone had this issues with the Counterpoint ... .

Any help and answer would be nice and thanks to all for the help ...

Be well and Have a Happy New Year ..
Jackandcoke  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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01-02-12   Michael elliott, the person who designed that amp while the ...   Mofimadness

01-02-12   I've owned numerous counterpoint amps, preamps including a s ...   Pdspecl

01-02-12   There's a counterpoint sa-5000 preamp listed today on audiog ...   Danielk141

01-02-12   Daniel, i just read that ad and wow! sounds like altavista i ...   Jond

01-02-12   I didn't figure it would cost so much to fix it for that muc ...   Jackandcoke

01-02-12   Daniel and jond, one consumer's problems with a product or c ...   Jafox

01-02-12   My experience with mike has been very good. i had the basic ...   Bigkidz

01-03-12   Okay. i'll try to be diplomatic about this. there are many 2 ...   Danielk141

01-03-12   I have had zero issues dealing with michael elliott at all. ...   Johnsonwu

01-03-12   One more note to the op, check to see if your sa20 has board ...   Johnsonwu

01-04-12   I have owned counterpoint products for at least 25 years (st ...   Barrysandy

01-05-12   If an altavista rebuild is beyond budget then a repair using ...   Johnsonwu

01-05-12   I have had a half dozen dealings with michael and he is a st ...   Usblues

01-27-12   J is correct when he states - i know how to repair these thi ...   Bigkidz

01-27-12   No personal experience with counterpoint products, their rep ...   Unsound

01-28-12   It has been the only tube amp that ive owned (sa220) that bl ...   Sksos1

07-07-12   Jackandcoke, i can repair the amp or if you are interested ...   Bigkidz

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