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  Preamp with tone control.
Hello guys,
I need help to choose preamp. I'm building my system now and I will use Pro-Ject Xpression III turn table, Dynaco ST70 tube amp and B&WCM5 speakers. My question is, what kind preamp you can recommend for ST70 tube amp and, also I prefer to have tone control.
Found few preamps:
1. NAD C 165BEE ($899)
2. NAD 114 ($280)
May be some one can recommend better choice.
Mrmiele  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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01-23-11   Adcom gfp 565 excellent and i think much better then the cho ...   Schipo

01-23-11   The audio research sp-4 is a classic, though not one of the ...   Elizabeth

01-23-11   "not many (in recent memory) preamps have tone controls ...   Mrmiele

01-24-11   How about a quad 99? it has the famous tilt control that let ...   Philjolet

01-24-11   Cambridge and mcintosh have tone controls. the nad tone co ...   Rcziech

01-24-11   why not add a graphic equalizer? i believe audiosource ...   Vmk

01-24-11: Rrog
I recommend a Dynaco PAS 3X. This is a great sounding preamp and it is the mate to your ST 70. The PAS 3X is a little different than the other PAS preamps in that the tone controls are defeated when set to the center position for best sound. This preamp will always be worth as much or more than what you pay for it today and represents an excellent value.
Rrog  (Answers | This Thread)

01-24-11   Take a look at anthem tlp 1. you get a tuner also.   Goblue711

01-24-11   You might want to consider the t+a 1520 or 30 which has mult ...   Frontier1

01-24-11   Audio research sp-14 if you can find one!   Eee3

01-24-11   Vas citation i will fill the bill, it also includes various ...   Buconero117

01-24-11   I second rrogs recommendation for the dyna pas 3x. get it re ...   Mcfarland

01-24-11   Jim bonjourno is making a line called spread spectrum techno ...   Timlub

01-24-11   Has tone controls, plus if you find one that is an ec model ...   Dusty

01-24-11   In the '80s, i bought a nad1700 tuner/preamp. tone controls ...   Magfan

01-25-11   Apt holman preamp has some very flexible tone controls and a ...   Heyraz

01-25-11   The adcom gfp 715 is the last (discontinued) 2 channel pre f ...   Wolf_garcia

01-25-11   Found good reviews for adcom gfp 715. wondering if this prea ...   Mrmiele

01-26-11   Wolf_garcia, is phono input for mm or mc? thanks!   Mrmiele

01-26-11   Mm only and the manual is at the adcom site.   Wolf_garcia

02-05-11   Just score brand new one from ebay.   Mrmiele

02-05-11   Cool...and if you don't like it you can blame me. weird thin ...   Wolf_garcia

02-05-11   Mcintosh and carver have preamps with tone controls.   Mrtennis

02-09-11   Also, some of the van alstine preamps have bass/treble contr ...   Bondmanp

02-10-11   The adcom 715 is great for the just is.   Wolf_garcia

02-12-11   Audio by van alstine preamps have very transparent tone cont ...   Rgs92

11-10-11   The nad c 165bee punches way above its price. i am very impr ...   Dpac996

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