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  Decware - any substance here?
With such a nice and extensively detailed website, I've long been curious about Decware. But with little in the way of genuine reviews, and not much in the way of discussion here, I always wonder if they are nothing more than that, a great website. They clearly have a dedicated fanbase, but my problem with the fanbase is this: most of them (not all of course) seem to have limited experience with products besides Decware, as if they stumbled upon Decware and never bothered with other brands. Maybe this is positive, that once experienced they don't have the typical audiophile itch to try other amps. I'm specifically struck by the new Torii MKIII push-pull amp, which in description and looks is just beautiful. So does it interest anyone here? Has anyone actually heard it, or it's previous incarnations? If so how does it rate amongst the other quality tube amps, whether Blue Circle, Cary, Vac, Almarro, Atma-Sphere, etc...?
Jtnicolosi  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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09-03-10   It bums me out also. i just checked to see if he'll be at rm ...   Azaud

09-03-10   I own a couple of decware amps and they are great, and the p ...   Ballan

09-04-10   I own the dac and it is terrific. it runs the cirrus logic ...   Celtic66

09-04-10   Dollar for dollar the decware line must be classified as top ...   Changeout

09-04-10   not dead quiet? a typo, yes?   Finsup

09-04-10   They are dead quiet. no spitting, sparks, smoke or humming. ...   Rivieraranch

09-04-10   I used to own a decware phono stage. never had any problem w ...   Clio09

09-04-10   I own the csp2 pre-amp, and it is a workhorse in my system ...   Peb

09-05-10   I have a zen select. i love it. i wish i had more decware ge ...   Freewaywilly

09-05-10   The four decware amps i metioned in my first post are not th ...   Changeout

09-08-10   I'm new here, only because the decware site is pretty quiet ...   Zygione

09-08-10   I built the decware single ended amp kit (el84s, ~ $350). i ...   Sebrof

09-09-10   Hi..... my name is frank and steve deckert is imho one the m ...   Flaneb

09-09-10   Sorry i forgot to list other equipment i owned....dynaco,amp ...   Flaneb

09-09-10   Hi, someone tipped me off about this thread, i've read it, a ...   Decware

09-09-10   Info on the fest: ( ...   Decware

09-09-10   Is this an annual meet?   Finsup

09-10-10   Yes, i think this is our 8th year so far...   Decware

09-10-10   In response to the new torii after listening for several mon ...   Flaneb

09-10-10   Well i suppose i'm just too curious. sooner or later i'll p ...   Jtnicolosi

09-10-10   This was taken from the decware site....i hope it isn't ille ...   Zygione

09-12-10   If you are a tube roller as i find it fun....the mini torii ...   Flaneb

09-13-10   The thing that keeps me intrigued is the speaker design. the ...   Azaud

09-15-10   I sure don't want to come on as another cheerleader, 'cuz it ...   4krow

09-16-10   Making the leap past the audio store and going direct nets t ...   Grobinso

09-18-10   Ok, i know this thread is posted in the amp / preamp section ...   Finsup

12-07-10   I just got word today that my select zen triode is in the fi ...   Lacee

12-08-10   Anyone heard their omni speakers? the design concept looks ...   Martykl

12-08-10: Soundgasm
Marty, I just ordered a pair this week. If nobody else weighs in (info on them is pretty scarce here), I'll report back once I get a few miles on them.
Soundgasm  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

12-08-10   Gasm, i look forward to hearing what you have to say. mart ...   Martykl

12-09-10   I own the decware csp2 and the decware taboo, i use this to ...   Drumsgreg

12-15-10   I've got a decware se84, has maybe 2 watts per, something li ...   Arkprof

01-04-11   I just received my decware amp, it was shipped dec 23 and i ...   Lacee

01-05-11   Find the mini torii very enjoyable. also oun zdac with the ...   Panu21

01-11-11   was it the errs you ordered? curious if you have anything ...   Finsup

01-13-11   An audiophile friend of mine had a listen to my system with ...   Lacee

01-26-11: Soundgasm
Finsup, yes, it's the ERR's which I ordered. I just got confirmation that they'll ship to me this Friday - I'll be sure to post back once they're up and running.
Soundgasm  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-27-11   Off topic, did anybody listen to the zen speaker with the ne ...   Snopro

02-09-11: Soundgasm
I received the ERR's today, after some delay over the holiday/new year. This won't be a full review since they're freshly set-up, but I wanted to get back with some information about this loudspeakers since it's a little bit scarce here.

I ordered the plain cherry finish, and the fit & finish of the speakers is very very good. They were packaged well enough to survive a shuttle launch, and arrived in perfect shape. No documentation, but I called Steve at Decware and he was very kind with his time, answering my few questions clearly.

By way of confession, these speakers are about making the best of a marginal living room situation. The room is very bright, approximately 25Lx13Wx8H, and the space flows on both ends to much larger volumes. Speakers need to be close to the walls, and in practice people move throughout the space rather than sitting in a sweet spot. While it's not the room I do my critical listening in, I do want it to sound good...without looking like some kind of Temple of Audio.

The ERR's are fairly underserved with a Peachtree Decco containing a Cullen-modded Sonos playing lossless files. Cables are Rega SC42. So they're slumming a bit. They're replace some Rega RS5's, which were wonderful, if traditionally 'focused' in their design, and a single Gallo TR3 sub.

My initial set-up has the speakers nearly 18ft apart, toed-in, very near the wall, facing the room as well as the openings to the other volumes. Right now, the ERR's are simply sitting on hardwood floors on their integrated plinths - they're not spiked. Steve said this was entirely optional - they're threaded to accept spikes, the use of which he said may affect the bass (but nothing else).

Between their newness, my neophyte experience, and the fact that this iw significant across the board jump in performance from my previous (beloved) speakers, I think all I can really offer right now is that they are exceeding my expectations, which were good bass response, open not shrill highs, not fussy about placement, clean look that works with our modern furniture (hey, I don't live alone), and most importantly, throwing a large and (er) diffuse stage. That is, the stage is something between remarkably coherent and still quite good over an enormous portion of the rooms. While this isn't a particularly 'audiophile' observation, with the RS5's I had about 20SF of sweet spot, 150SF of OK sound, and 140SF of lousy sound in that room. Now I've got what sounds like 80SF of sweet spot, no bad spots anywhere, really, and damn good sound everywhere else...including the adjacent dining/kitchen room. It's just what I was looking for.

I'll continue to play with them, give them better amplification and sources, and post more newbie comments here, but for now it's clear that I got what I was looking for. Very pleased with the company, service, product finish, and design of the ERRs.

My apologies that this 'review' isn't better informed, nor more traditional in terms of what I'm looking for from my speakers.

Soundgasm  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

02-09-11: Soundgasm
they're very sensitive, but not unworkably so with the Decco. Ten o'oclock gets it to mid 90db's. Loud, and ready for more.

Soundgasm  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

02-09-11   Soundgasm, just a quick note as i only did a quick read-thor ...   Finsup

02-18-11   I replaced the stock rectifier in my zenselect with an old s ...   Lacee

03-08-11   Soundgasm, are you using the stock caps and resistors in th ...   Finsup

03-08-11: Soundgasm
I am indeed.
Soundgasm  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-09-11   gasm, thanks for the feedback. marty   Martykl

04-30-11   I own the torii mk iii w/ vcaps. i got the unit about 1.5 wk ...   Jwt

05-25-11   Several years ago, i bought a decware 34i to replace my audi ...   Abcxyz

05-25-11   Jwt, from what you've written it sounds like the torii is h ...   Gopher

05-26-11   What i meant by very detailed at low levels, was that you he ...   Abcxyz

05-26-11   Jwt are you useing a preamp or source direct into the torii? ...   Mystang

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