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  Rowland model 5 vs Threshold S500 series II

Hello All,

Looking at both amplifiers , any input as to which is preferred and why . Speakers are 2 ohm ribbons ..


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01-22-10: Macdonj

I can't comment on the Rowland Model 5, but I owned a Threshold S/500 II for several years. It started out driving my Apogee Stages and did so admirably- my first really high end amp. My system got bigger and more complex and the S/500 drove the subs for several years. I eventually downsized and sold the S/500.

Macdonj  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-22-10: Weseixas
Thanks for the response, most on the apogee forums recommend the Krell ( early) and the Rowland 5 /7 . I like the sound of the Threshold myself and have never heard the Rowlands .


Weseixas  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-22-10   I looked at the jrdg model 5 manual and found the following ...   Guidocorona

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01-22-10   Hello guidocorona, thanks for your informative response.   Weseixas

01-23-10   No problem weseixas, pm me if you req further info. g.    Guidocorona

02-07-10: Brian_eno
Have had the Threshold S/300 Optical bias, the SA/1 mono's currently and model Rowland model 7's.
Threshold has never been very strong at 2 Ohm loads.
The model 5 can deliver more current then the S/500 it sounds more polite then the S/500.
According to J. Gordon Holt the Threshold S/500 was superb on Acoustat. So if you want a more laidback and smoother presentation I would go for the Rowland. If you want a more vivid and detailed one I would go for the Threshold.
They probably, the Rowland certain, will drive a 2 Ohm load (if it behaves like a Magnepan) both of them.

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02-13-10: Kawika
If you have the opportunity to buy the 500/II or even better I think it was called the 550 ? BUY IT! You'll need to put a good pre on it, but it is much better than the Rowland 5. Havent heard the 7, but the 500 was a great amp! It sound staged, had fast bass and extended on both ends to infinity. Must be partnered with a non edgy pre. A good tubed unit or actually a Rowlnd Capri would be killer in that! In addition, I think service will be easier on the Threshold as Jeff doesn't want to work on the old stuff and there are several companies who perform outstanding maintenance and mods on the Threshold stuff.
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04-28-10: Weseixas
Hello Guys ,

Lost track of this and would now like to update .

I went ahead and purchased the Thresholds over the Model 5.
An S500 series 2.

I did have to uprate the speaker fuses to 10 amps and they drive my speakers pretty well ( 1.5 Zmin) of course i have to be careful and do keep the amp temp in check , so far no issues with reliability.

The sound is fantastic , very , very good top and middle , good soundstage and imaging , Ok in the bass, a bit polite overall but does have decent attack. I have heard enuff from the amplifier to think about mods to the PSU and will eventually do so. thinking of a second to Bi-amp ..


Weseixas  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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