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  Best Tube Preamp with Phono under $2000 ?
What is the best tube pre-amp with a MM phono stage under $2000?

I have been looking at CJ ET-2 and McIntosh ; theyare both in the 4K-5K range.

What is the best "value-for-money" tube pre-amp in the 2K range that includes a decent phono stage?

Thanks in advance for your responses.
Anuruddhak  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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10-20-09   That's an easy one; cary audio slp98p, used.   Macdadtexas

10-20-09   New or used?   Ultrakaz

10-20-09   High value. juicy music blueberry. under $500 used.   Tvad

10-21-09   First off,there is no, per se,"best" of anything.t ...   Tpreaves

10-21-09   A used audible illusions 3a should be on your short list; no ...   Pubul57

10-21-09   I'd second the slp-98p   Jim_swantko

10-21-09   I don't know if best or not, but i am very happy with the ar ...   Mapman

10-21-09   Try a audio research sp 9 mark ii in your budget. i had one ...   Cmcdaniel5

10-21-09   I sold mac for years and they are great products maybe not l ...   Chazzbo

10-21-09   I just saw an mfa magus on here for $995. simply the sweete ...   Elevick

10-21-09   What amplifier is going to mated with this preamp? impedance ...   Tvad

10-21-09   Anu, any comments so far?   Pubul57

10-22-09   Not sure what amp your using but there is a bat vk-3ix w/pho ...   Tom_hankins

10-22-09: Anuruddhak
Thank you everyone for your comments. They have helped me immensely in identifying the various options I have at this price point.

Some of you asked about the AMP these will be connected to. It will be connected to two Monarchy SE100 MK2 Monoblocks.

The rest of the system is as follows:

Musichall MMF 5.1 turntable with the Goldring 2200 MM cartrige
Cabridge Audio DAC with Sony PS3 as transport

Pre Amp: Onkyo - but looking to upgrade

Interconnect: Kimber Hero

Amp: Monarchy SE100 Monoblocks

Speaker Cable: Supra PLY 3.4

Speakers: NHT VT 2.4


Anuruddhak  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-22-09   There is no info on the monarchy website regarding input imp ...   Tvad

10-22-09   *that's an easy one; cary audio slp98p, used--macdadtexas* ...   Steveaudio

10-26-09   The input impedance of the se-100 is 40kohms. i was told tha ...   Anuruddhak

10-26-09   I don't think the 50k ohm figure is correct. perhaps they me ...   Tvad

10-27-09   What is the price of the cary sl-98p *new* ? i am trying to ...   Anuruddhak

01-20-10   Rogue 99 magnum bat vk-3i with remote and phono both used ...   Ihcho

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