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  Parasound vs B&K vs Acurus
I currently have a B&K ref 70 preamp and PSB Silver speakers with an Acurus 200 watt amp. The sound is quite nice.

I'm wondering if there is much advantage to moving into a B&K or Parasound amp, or all the three about the same in terms of sound quality?

Anyone with experience comparing the above amps please post and let us know your thoughts.
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12-29-08   Personally, i found the acurus quite harsh. the other choic ...   Elevick

12-29-08   I had an acurus a250 paired with a melos preamp, and the sou ...   Goliverjr

12-30-08   I've owned many parasound and b&k amps. the only acurus comp ...   Bdgregory

12-30-08   I agree with bdgregory's evaluation of the b&k m200 sonata m ...   Rleff

12-30-08   Thank you everyone. great information so far. bdgregory: i ...   Mar

12-30-08   Mar- maybe odyssey audio might work for you;i would give kla ...   Rleff

12-31-08   I don't know about the other brands, but i bought a used b&k ...   Sprink

01-20-09   If a person wanted to step up from b&k/acurus etc, what is t ...   Mar

01-28-09   Classe will have a smoother sound. other option is to add so ...   Johnss

01-28-09   Having a acurus amp for some years, i find it quite good and ...   Glenfihi

01-28-09   I have directly compared parasound (hca2205at - which i stil ...   Jbryngelson

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