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  Integrated amplifier for Magneplanar SMGA
I have a pair of used SMGa Magneplanar which are in very good condition. I am looking for a used solid integrated amplifier that would go well with them. I would spend a maximum of 1000$ (less would be better). I only need 1 or 2 or 3 input sources (for cd player, HTPC, and aux), a power button and a volume knob. No need for treble, bass and balance adjustments. I say I could be very happy with a one source input if the quality and the price were advantageous and I wouldn't mind to plug and unplug the sources every time I need to change. The only thing I am looking for (cause I'm on a budget) is quality of the sound (and not how loud it can play) and a good bargain.
for your information if it helps: I mainly listen to classical music.
I'm currently borrowing a 50 watts per channel Rotel RA-840BX2. What do you think of it?
Any suggestions for an integrated amp that would sound great with these magneplanar?
Also, I would like recommendations for speaker cables that would sound great with SMGa.
thank you very much
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09-17-08: Magfan
I currently have the GCC250 and MG1.6 combo.
I sold my MG-1s and was using a Rotel RB-1070 which I found a little....constricted. The PSAudio opened things up nicely with near-unlimited dynamics and a jet black background. The Balanced input for CD doesn't hurt, either.
I had the MG-1s for over 20 years with everything from a Kenwood integrated to a Carver Cube...with at first, the Kenwood used a a pre! (snip snip, solder solder)

Magfan  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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