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  Information on the Conrad Johnson Evolution 2000?
I buying this amp on the recommendation of a friend. I will try this on my Apogee speakers. I understand that they were way overbuilt and fairly rare. I did a search on these hybrid amps from around 1990 and found very little. What are the strengths and limitations of this amp. Are there any tricks to make this amp sound its best? Bob
Baranyi  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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10-11-06   It's nice. you'll like it. warmer than most amps because its ...   Electroid

10-12-06   Electroid, do you use the amp currently? what typ ...   Baranyi

10-17-06   Are there any mods that are regularly done to these amps? ca ...   Baranyi

10-18-06   No i don't have one but sold a few. i have an earlier cj mf- ...   Electroid

10-19-06   I wonder if you purchased mine (lost it in a divorce) if so ...   Plasma

10-19-06   I owned both the amp and preamp of that series. it was very ...   Mrtennis

10-19-06   Plasma, i lost much gear in a divorce also. i had an ...   Baranyi

10-19-06   I believe at the time i was using a tmpani 1b speaker. i onl ...   Mrtennis

10-20-06   Mrtennis, i was wondering if you remember which p ...   Baranyi

10-21-06   The amps now have about 36 hours on them and they are quite ...   Baranyi

10-22-06   I knew you would like them. et   Electroid

10-25-06   Electroid, the amps are very nice! i wonder what o ...   Baranyi

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