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  Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
Just wondering, with this audio merry-go-round of buying and selling, if anyone has an amp that will be a keeper for life. I haven't yet but came verrrry close once...
Sonicbeauty  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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07-14-04   My zanden is for life. it is a beauty and it sounds gorgeou ...   Bibibi

07-14-04   After some tube rolling, i've yet to find an amp i like more ...   Boa2

07-14-04   It was a surprise to me, but i will be keeping the krell fpb ...   Porschecab

07-14-04   My pass labs x600 monoblocks. i have no desire or need to ev ...   Rosstaman

07-14-04   Atma-sphere ma-2, a superb amplifier design that keeps getti ...   Rushton

07-14-04   Electronluv.   Ed_sawyer

07-14-04   My dartzeel nhb-108 is a keeper. it's the most balanced and ...   Hooper

07-14-04   I've been working on a deal with god to take my 300b set mon ...   Jax2

07-14-04   My sierra olympia amps. pure class a up to the stratosphere ...   Ozfly

07-14-04   Bryston b60. ive enjoyed it almost every day all day for fiv ...   Barry

07-14-04   Atma-sphere m-60's work so well with my köchel horns that i ...   Wellfed

07-14-04   I'm not totally sure yet, but the canary ca-339's are lookin ...   Gliderguider

07-14-04: Loudandclear
My top Candidates (with some guts):
RE Designs LNPA-150
Blue Circle BC26
H2O Audio ICEH20
McCormack DNA-500
Clayton M100

Loudandclear  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-14-04   Still have my hafler dh 500's. bought em brand new. want mr. ...   Steelhead

07-14-04   Mccormack dna-2 revision a or rev. gold. -imo   Stehno

07-14-04   Densen b-100. cost me $1000. will own it till it dies or i ...   Seandtaylor99

07-14-04   New york audio labs otl-1, on a cold night i curl up next to ...   Asonicyouth

07-14-04   Mcintosh 2102, i think ill be keeping mine till the end,pair ...   Bigjoe

07-14-04   Hey, bigjoe, i have the same combination and love the way it ...   Jmslaw

07-14-04   Bel 1001 mk v - awesome!   Mikej

07-14-04   My wavac 833v1.3 amps will be staying a very long time.   Jcbtubes

07-14-04   Maybe my next one :).   Danlib1

07-14-04   Wolcott presence 220 tube monoblock amps. i have had aroun ...   Btstrg

07-14-04   Gryphon callisto 2200 intergrated amp. no doubt the best amp ...   Michaelhwolff

07-14-04   Phiser labs.   Marakanetz

07-14-04   Goldmund 29m   Calloway

07-14-04   The older mac's and marantz tube amps. today i would think s ...   Panny

07-14-04   Jonathan(jcbtubes), i have missed you and bruce around these ...   Trelja

07-14-04   Here are my 2 cents worth,,,,,,fi-x integrated with magnaque ...   Bora

07-15-04   This thread should have simply been titled, "what amp d ...   Jax2

07-15-04   Marco, das a good one! folks, it seems that y'all got short ...   Marakanetz

07-15-04   I think it unlikely that amp technology will improve signifi ...   Wellfed

07-16-04   Jadis ja 30 and ja 200   Loki1957

07-16-04   Parasound halo jc-1's! mine just keep getting better and bet ...   Daltonlanny

07-16-04   Danlib1 is probably the most correct among us. marco, you c ...   Ozfly

07-16-04   I've got 20+ amplifiers and there's only one that i wouldn't ...   Sean

07-16-04   I thought my jadis ja80s would be the ones, but since i just ...   Rcprince

07-16-04   Musical fidelity trivista integrated amp - hear to believe!   Tlday

07-16-04   Russ, i guess i forgot to tell you when we got together last ...   Trelja

07-16-04   Yeah, i know, sorry about that, joe, i should have waited fo ...   Rcprince

07-17-04   Thanks for the offer, russ! yes, possibly. if i ever sell ...   Trelja

07-17-04   I have aways had a dozen or so amplifiers kicking around. mo ...   Ecclectique

07-18-04   The bedini is a honey of an amp, ecclectique. i auditioned ...   Trelja

07-20-04   Convergent audio technology jl-2. purity of set with enough ...   Pubul57

07-20-04   I second purul57's cat advice. his suggestion that their 10 ...   Mrmb

07-20-04   My lazarus h1-a class a tube hybrid...will outlast me and my ...   Jsujo

07-21-04   my old marantz receiver 2270 - and i got it for $200 ebay ...   Gonglee3

07-21-04   I own an air tight 300b and since i own it, it is one for th ...   Tomryan

07-21-04   My plinius sa 250 will be around for a while( i hope)   Kehut

11-05-04   A jadis 200 is very hard to beat: the highs are sweet, the m ...   Detlof

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