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  Is there a worthy 6922 presently made?
Why hasn't any tube manfacturer designed a good sounding 6922 tube? The paucity of decent designs only fuels the exorbitant price gouging the tube dealers are doing with NOS 6922/6DJ8.

I think it is pretty universally accepted among tube fans that the Sovtek 6922 is a dependable & strong tube, but a sterile, thin, & dead sounding device. Some have praised the JJ 6922, while others have proclaimed it rather mediocre, and some have blown up their amplifiers, like an ARC owner who burned out parts of his VT-100's circuit board when attempting to substitute the JJ's for the stock Sovteks in the input stage.

Sovtek's owner, New Sensor, has come out with a "new" 6922 in the form of an Electroharmonix 6922, with claims it is significantly better than the Sovtek. But some have said it is nearly the identical tube and sounds nearly identical. Audio Research claims it is a better tube, but.....

Why hasn't Svetlana designed a 6922? Or someone else? We are left with two tubes made by the same manufacturer, and one from Czechoslovakia. That's it! Any thoughts or experiences?
Kevziek  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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04-20-04   I have a couple pairs of the premium electroharmonix 6922's ...   Mattybumpkin

04-20-04   Hey matty, i know you'd been looking at a lot of different ...   Gunbei

04-20-04   I like the electroharmonix 6922 gold pin in my cj prmier 16l ...   Czbbcl

04-20-04   Hi guys. i hate snobbery. having said that, the electroharmo ...   Imin2u

04-20-04   Imin2u, you may be right about the comparison but the price ...   Mattybumpkin

04-20-04: Kevziek

Can you give us a sonic description against a particular NOS and a Sovtek?

Kevziek  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

04-21-04   There's an ad just posted asking $800 for a pair of pinched ...   Aisip

04-21-04: Maxgain
Imin2u, Have you listened to the EH 6922 "gold pin"? My comments are based only on the "gold pin" version. I have no idea how much different they sound from the standard version. I know it depends on the gear you put them in, but in the ARC pre(SP9 mkIII) I heard them in they are MUCH better than an expensive set of Amperex 6DJ8's in EVERY way. Many times the proponents of NOS tubes just think if it sounds "different" it's "better". The Bugle Boys are bright and have a downright weird sounding balance even compared to the Sovtek in this SP 9. Perhaps it's just this set, but you never know what you are getting for the huge rip off price of NOS. The "gold pin" has a larger and more open soundstage than the Sovtek and has bass that is fantastic. It's more dynamic, firmer, deeper, and more controlled than the Sovtek or the Amperex. I will be putting the EH in my stuff. Audio Research knows what they are talking about. They didn't get where they are by accident. If you voice a new product with a good sounding new tube and do it right there is no need for expensive tubes from the "Antiques Road Show".

Just say "NO" to NOS! That's how we can make it feasable for current tube manufacturers to make new tubes that we like.Tubes that not only people with money to burn can afford. There are many examples of great sounding current types. The SED/Svetlana 6550 is one. it's a great sounding tube, period.

Yes,all of this is subject to taste and component compatability. I guess you can tell I am not a fan of the NOS trend. I do understand that there has been some junk made and I do remember the situation before we could get anything from Russia, which at the time was the Soviet Union. I used to have to buy 5Ar4's all the time to replace short lived, shorting out crap made in China and before that 5Ar4's made by Phillips that were worse yet. Until Sovtek went back into production with their 5Ar4(probably due for the most part to ARC wanting one for use in the REF pre) the only answer was $85 and up NOS(my god some of these go for over $150 each now). My point is, that if there was no demand Sovtek would have never bothered. Myself, I would like to see all of the remaining NOS stuff put into trash compactors. I get real sick of reading that if it's not NOS, it's "garbage". If your gear only sounds good with NOS, then perhaps it's "garbage". If it needs NOS, junk it, and buy some real gear. I did. Stop living in the past. All this retro,clinging to the "good old days" stuff is a sissy load of crap.

I guess that by now, you some of you know, that I only post over the past year when it really hits a nerve. I will stop now, as I could keep going off about how much it gets me when I keep reading how much better sounding older tube pre amps and amps are than what they make today. That's "garbage" too. I guess people need soft,fat,goopy,lame sounding rolled off "tubey" stuff when they pair it with a cheap ass two dimensional,thin sounding CD player, bright ass hell, burn a whole in your head wire (but they sound so "detailed"), and pair of speakers with tweeters that could be used as a weapon.

Ok, now I'm finished.

Maxgain  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

04-21-04: Eagle
LOL Maxgain, I agree the Electroharmonix 6922 gold pin sound great in my cdp compared to the other tubes I have tried including NOS Amperex, Siemens, Telefunken, new and nos Sovtek, 6h23eb and some others. It's a crapshoot when buying "NOS" and I think a large part are really "UOS". It seemed like there were trade-offs when comparing the NOS with each other anyway. Some had better bass control, some had warmer mids, etc.

Also, it was a concern knowing there are limits to real NOS availability. It's good to know there is an excellent alternative of new production tubes because I want to keep the tube cdp in my system. In my experience, there's no way any of the NOS I have heard are worth five times and more over the cost of the Electroharmonix 6922 gold pin.

Eagle  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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04-21-04   I don't think there is any design difference between the gol ...   Kevziek

04-21-04   I have both usa and holland 'pinched waist' amperex tubes an ...   John_tracy

04-21-04   It is fine to love nos tubes, but don't have a disrespectful ...   Kevziek

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04-21-04   Kevziek, no one has mentioned the ei 6dj8's (perhaps because ...   Newbee

04-22-04   The majority of the new tube production is sold to musicians ...   Eagle

04-23-04: Mikesinger
at this !!!

i think alot depends on on the design, the designer may have designed the unit around current new tubes.

what unit is the tubes going into ?

tried the eh(gold pin), jj telsa, sovtek. but the amperex globe/bugle boys, and the dario (7308) blew them away ( pse hl-1 pre-amp)

it i a very rude awakening when you try to pu preimum tubes from a reliable seller ( major sticker shock) this is one reason why i avoided the bat 5vki...too many 6922 tubes. that is why bat and arc moved to the new super tube.

good luck,


Mikesinger  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

04-23-04: Reb1208
I tried the EH -6922 and actually prefer the previous generation Sovtek. The EH did sound warmer to my ears, bass was fuller. But it presented even less dynamics than the standard version. And neither one has the life of the Amperex Orange Globe or Bugle Boy 6dj8.
Reb1208  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

04-23-04   Eiiiiiiiiich! the eh 6922 has squashed dynamics? so many o ...   Kevziek

04-23-04   I've been accused (i think) of being a nos snob. but look; i ...   John_tracy

04-24-04   Mikesinger, when i said: "with proper designs, materia ...   Eagle

04-25-04: Emile
A EH 6922 is a "selected" Sovtek 6922 ? or completly different : another design and manufacturer ?

Emile  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

04-29-04   John_tracy: billions and billions of 6dj8? if that is factua ...   John_tracy

04-30-04   John_tracy: thanks for the clarification and i agree the tub ...   Eagle

04-30-04: Ecclectique
Twl....well done sir, a clever and very diplomatic post. WOWZA...You managed to respond here without stepping on a single solitary toe in just under 100 words.And I would bet you are a decent typer to boot. However....I won't be so diplomatic here, but rather blunt and to the point. You can call me a condenscending snob, a knob, a slob, or whatever you be it ! Frankly... paying $800 for a "pinched waist" 6922 is for some poor lost soul who is suffering with some form of neurosis. An excessive compulsive type individual with way too much money. Geez gang,The pinched waist 6922's are surely the most overated tubes in the whole darn family.While they can certainly sound exceptionally good, your chances of finding a quiet one that isn't microphonic, are about slim and none!Especially when employed in a top shelf phono stage.The majority of them are typically much to noisey and microphonic for that application. That said: Do you really think the modern equipment manufacturers are going to voice their equipment with nos tubes? Perhaps that is why many feel the current crop of 6dj8's are so good. Yes... the EI gold pin is a good tube,possess some nos-esque tube like qualities and a whole lot better sounding than the commercial grade sovtek drek being packaged and peddled to the Western economies.The chineese gold dragons are decent as well. BUT!!!! If you believe you can get anywhere near the the performance of the early NOS family with the current offerings??? Give your head a shake,[ might even break up some of that ear wax in there].Yeah,for you skeptics out there...I will make you all a real geniune deal here as I have a drawer full of brand new sovtek's,EH's, golden dragons. I can trade for your old NOS stock.... and I will give you 4 new to every one nos. Yes... I too, would be very apprehensive about buying expensive nos tubes that are supposed to be: so called "new in a box".A giant Crap Shoot to be sure, as there is absolutely no guarantee your getting a good one what so-ever . Even brand new nos tubes can be microphonic right out of the box,have mismatched triode sections and be way too noisey as well, particularly in the 6dj8 family of valves as they were never really designed for audio applications to begin with and are inherently prone to microphonics by design.Here is a few suggestions to minimalize his or her risk when acquiring pricey nos tubes, regardless of whether your contact is a tube dealer,a private party or a friend... [1] tube in question must test above 95 % with both triode sections closely matched with no less than a 2% tolerance section to section balance [2] This next suggestion will surely keep them all honest, and weed out and disqualify a good number of the tube sellers, dealers,and tube gurus alike, the frauds and the wanabees have no chance... Simply demand the tube in question be tested for noise and microphonics in a good "phono" preamp circuit... even if you yourself are not using it in a phono stage per sey. If the tube in question can pass this litmus test,chances are it should be a good tube. If the tube seller,dealer or persons cannot or will not agree to those specific parameters and with a satisfactory return policy.... Simple.....Don't BUY Them!
Ecclectique  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

04-30-04   It's the current oems who dictate the market and they do put ...   John_tracy

04-30-04   Btw, i payed $40 recently for a usa 'pinched waist' that is ...   John_tracy

05-01-04   My experience with tube rolling is minimal in that i've only ...   Steakster

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