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  Anyone heard the Krell KCT Preamp?
I am in the market for a preamp and was wondering if anyone has had a chance to evaluate or audition this unit. Any owners care to comment? Also, there seems to be no reviews published that I can find thus far. I am also particularly interested in its CAST feature for mating with Krell Class A amps (high impedance output into low impedance input. Thanks in advance.
Stevecham  (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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10-16-03   I have had a kct for a few years and like it very much. it r ...   Kusina

10-17-03   Stevecham, did you read the review of the krell cast system ...   Calanctus

10-21-03   Calanctus, thanks, i have read that review. stereophile has ...   Stevecham

10-21-03   Stevecham, if possible could you post your sonic impressions ...   Calanctus

10-25-03   I had a bryston bp25mc pre with 7bst monoblocks via balanced ...   Stevecham

10-26-03   Great review! i too think the kct is a great preamp especial ...   Wpuppy

10-26-03   Stevecham, thanks for your review!   Calanctus

10-28-03   Stevecham, also a big thanks from this corner of the world. ...   Coasternut

12-21-03   Steve thanks for such a detailed review!! i am the new owner ...   Ronv

12-22-03   Ronv, i'm looking for a krc-hr if you are thinking about upg ...   Mickey13

04-29-08   Just to say going on five years later that the kct/400cx com ...   Stevecham

08-18-09   Stevecham, i love the fact that you have offered followed up ...   Ckoffend

10-18-10   Stevecham, have you ever heard the krell evo 707 and the oth ...   Carz

11-13-10   Carz, i have had the fpb-350mcx monoblocks for a while. you ...   As350_b3

11-22-10   The krell kct is still one of the top preamps (don't let any ...   Scoutdog

11-22-10   That's the problem when one has tons of money and can bounce ...   6550c

11-23-10   Thanks as350_b3 and scoutdog for your response. as350_b3: ...   Carz

11-23-10   6550c - why would i need to test a tube -- thats my point &q ...   Scoutdog

08-22-11   Thanks guys i just picked up one to replace my krc-3 which i ...   Rminsf

08-23-11   Well, after almost 8 trouble-free years i am happy to report ...   Stevecham

08-25-11   ..amen preach the truth..and i ...   Ribd11

12-16-11   I for one have owned a lot of krell equipment and must say i ...   Dancer

12-18-11   Dancer: the combination of the kcy and 400cx is an optimal o ...   Stevecham

12-18-11   I sold my fpb-250ms and my krc-hr and i must say it was a go ...   Dancer

12-29-11   I'm a fan of the mono fpb amps, i have owned several stereo ...   Rminsf

12-29-11   I've had 3 krell amps and last was a fpb600 but never like t ...   Knghifi

12-29-11   I use transparent cables right know and like the way they so ...   Dancer

12-30-11   I also find transparent ic a good match for my krells but th ...   Knghifi

12-30-11   Rminsf, have you compared the newer krell series such as th ...   Sfstereo

02-05-12   Just stumbled on this great forum. have the kct & 350 mcx c ...   Redrider0

03-01-12   I agree completely i really enjoy and admire scoutdog's inpu ...   Rminsf

03-03-12   Well my kct is ten years young and there is no need for a ca ...   Stevecham

07-03-12   I really enjoyed reading the posts here. i currently have a ...   Ronyumd

07-04-12   I think the kct would be an excellent choice for your system ...   Stevecham

07-04-12   Thanks, steve. will try to find a used one on audiogon.   Ronyumd

07-06-12   If you want to try tubes i would go with audio research. i h ...   Rminsf

07-09-12   Thanks for the suggestion. i listened to the same speakers i ...   Ronyumd

07-09-12   I would try a pass labs amp too either x350.5 or the x600.5 ...   Rminsf

01-26-13   Hi ronyund, curious with the sound of elipsa with fpb. what ...   Angelo_yap

01-29-13   Dancer, what preamp do you like better? the krell krc-hr or ...   Doug99

02-08-13   I've used a kcr-3...not bad with my fpb750mcx's,i tried the ...   Gassman_67

11-18-13   Hi, i read this whole thread, great forum!, i have a complet ...   Audiolabyrinth

11-18-13   Hi, man was i supprised, i talked to krell this morning, out ...   Audiolabyrinth

11-19-13   @ stevecham, hi, if you are out there, give me some feed bac ...   Audiolabyrinth

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