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  Who makes the best passive volume control?
my thing is transparency I live most passive pre's more then actives(except the really $$$ ones) but I only listen to one source so a passive volume control might be even better...

in your experience who makes the best one you've heard..
Eantala  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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05-16-03   Look into the placette units, they are among the finest pass ...   Tireguy

05-16-03   there is no best of anything in audio, there are only opini ...   Sogood51

05-16-03   sorry, that passive should read f.t. audio.   Sogood51

05-16-03   Silver rock.....   Edle

05-16-03   Any of the reference line models. reference line was the &qu ...   Michg56

05-16-03   I've had the adcom 750 and the placette remote volume contro ...   Rd

05-17-03   Channel islands audio and nht both make very serviceable pas ...   Dmason

05-17-03   I've been using the placette remote volumne control in bala ...   Joejr

05-17-03   Eantala, i am a committed passive volume control lover. the ...   Mikelavigne

05-17-03   Evs is making their ultimate attenuators again. they're per ...   Phild

05-17-03   I think that the best passive volume control is no passive v ...   Tarsando

05-17-03   If, in addition to listening to but one source, you only lis ...   Viridian

05-17-03   I recently noticed that a hi-end tube audio manufacturer in ...   samliu@

05-18-03   Not being to timid at showing my lack of knowledge; am i to ...   Avguygeorge

05-18-03   George, a passive is a volume control. long interconnects ca ...   Sogood51

05-20-03   I've heard good things about the tdk stepped attenuator $229 ...   Cdc

05-21-03   Audio consulting signature series silver rock potentiometer ...   Asi_tek

03-10-11   This is an old thread, but having tried many of the passives ...   Pubul57

03-11-11   . try the luminous axiom passive preamp. it can be had for ...   Mitch4t

03-11-11   Mitch, are you saying the luminous is the best passive volum ...   Pubul57

03-11-11   The lightspeed is the best we have tried. however all passi ...   Atmasphere

03-11-11   I duno if they are best, but they are certanly very good: (u ...   Marebg

03-11-11   What about burson stepped attenuator?   Nickjn

03-11-11   Atmasphere, a little ot but how can you tell if an active i ...   Roscoeiii

03-11-11   Marebg, those are one passive approach i have not tried, but ...   Pubul57

03-11-11   Check out richard lee audio.   Yogiboy

03-11-11: Pubul57
We could do that, but it seems his stuff is just a pot-in-a-
box with a Noble attenuator. If you go that route, I would
look at the Music Reference PiB which uses one of the most
expensive attenuators ever made by Noble, the one used in the
ARC SP6. However, we are trying to identify the best volume
control, so some system context and comparative info would be
useful. I believe that most passives, in the right system,
including Richard Lee, will sound very good compared to most,
not all, active linestages, but if you are looking for the
best, I don't think you can come to any conclusions till you
have heard the Lightspeed Attenuator, for my money, it is the
one to beat - including any resistor, TVC or AVC on the

Pubul57  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-12-11   Thanks for the tip mitch4t.   Cdc

03-12-11   I have tried both the endler's and evs attenuators favoring ...   Clio09

03-12-11   Anthony, is the difference between the endler and evs based ...   Pubul57

03-12-11   Has anyone tried the myth? i understand that it also uses so ...   Milpai

03-12-11   Bent audio tap-x   Vicks7

03-12-11   this is easy to answer. try using a cable that is 100 feet ...   Atmasphere

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