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  Preamp Deal of the Century
If anyone is looking for a true "World Class" preamp at a very fair price..heed my advice. I just recieved a Supratek Syrah preamp that was hand built by Mick Maloney in Western Australia, and it is absolutely beautiful! This preamp is the best deal you will ever find. I would put it up against any preamp out there for both looks and sound. Price? $2500 for the Syrah (includes Killer Phono stage). Not into phono? Try the Chardonney line stage for $2100. Don't get me wrong, I am not associated with this company. I am just a very happy owner! This preamp is VERY dynamic, yet liquid. It conveys the sound of music better than any other preamp that I have ever heard! You can check out the Supratek website at www.
Slowhand  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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03-23-02   Can it possibly sound as good as it looks!! did it arrive i ...   Grandpad

03-23-02   Ok i'll bite... how does one get from the cantech website to ...   Rockvirgo

03-23-02   Http://   Grandpad

03-23-02   ok, bwhite, where are you? after reading your marvelous re ...   Waltersalas

03-24-02   Bwhite e-mailed me a couple of weeks ago and said that he an ...   Slowhand

03-24-02   Slowhand; that last post will cause half of the art owners t ...   Avguygeorge

03-24-02   I've been looking for a top notch preamp for the past few mo ...   Bobbob

03-24-02   How does it compare to the cj premier 16 series 2, which is ...   Cellorover

03-24-02   Also consider the blue circle preamps.   Sugarbrie

03-25-02   Sugarbie, which specific blue circle preamps would you recom ...   Grandpad

03-25-02   After visiting the web-site, it looks as though this preamp ...   Hindemith

03-25-02   I play more vinyl, but the line stage is also very good. i u ...   Slowhand

03-26-02   Grandpa: you could start with the blue circle bc3 with the ...   Sugarbrie

03-27-02   When i spoke to mick about the price of the suprateks, he sa ...   Fiddler

03-27-02   Thanks sugarbrie, i appreciate your input. which bc amp woul ...   Grandpad

03-27-02   Hi grandpad. i own the blue circle bc21 preamp and bc22 amp ...   Gunbei

03-27-02   Shesh.. where have i been?? i guess i missed this thread. ...   Bwhite

03-27-02   Oh.. to comment on hindemith's remarks. yes. the supratek ...   Bwhite

03-27-02   Thanks for the input gunbei, i've heard that gilbert is quit ...   Grandpad

03-27-02   Bwhite, has mick established any form of service support in ...   Grandpad

03-27-02   Hi brian, this is tom. i bought a pr. of sylvania vt-231's t ...   Slowhand

03-27-02   Hey tom! i told you it was good! so far for my system the k ...   Bwhite

03-27-02   Grandpad, if there is a problem with your preamp, mick dete ...   Bwhite

03-28-02   Ok should i sell my sf line 3 se and jump on this preamp?   Abruce

03-28-02   Grandpad, actually my previous amps were the simaudio moon i ...   Gunbei

03-29-02   I just did something i always tell my friends who are gettin ...   Bmotorcycle

03-29-02   Bmotorcycle - congratulations!   Bwhite

03-29-02   To bmotorcycle -- you're not alone, i did the same. i ordere ...   Jewel_hasan

03-29-02   Bmotorcycle and jewel hasen, you will both be rewarded for y ...   Slowhand

03-29-02   Bmotorcycle & jewel hasan i have joined your club...buying w ...   Rockhead

03-29-02   You guys are slow. i bought the cortese in december when it ...   Khaki8

03-29-02   Khaki - how does the cortese sound? what have you compared ...   Bwhite

03-30-02   What are the dimensions of the chardonney preamp?   Bradz

03-30-02   The chardonnay is 13" wide by 12" deep the unit ...   Bwhite

03-30-02   Thank you bwhite for the measurements. is anyone using the c ...   Bradz

03-30-02   Bradz, the chardonnay is in a completely different galaxy th ...   Bwhite

03-31-02   bwhite, what were your results using the chardonnay with ...   Bradz

03-31-02   The results with solid state is very similar to the results ...   Bwhite

03-31-02   Bwhite, can you comment on the chardonnay vs. top of the lin ...   Hindemith

03-31-02   Hindemith - the only arc preamp i've spent much time with wa ...   Bwhite

03-31-02   Bwhite, thanks. this has been really helpful. i have alre ...   Hindemith

04-01-02   Hindemith - the supratek currently represents a tremendous v ...   Bwhite

04-01-02   Oh god, i love it when i'm right. its a $10k pre, or more, f ...   Asa

04-01-02   I e-mailed mick yesterday as to delivery time on syrah. he's ...   Gino

04-02-02   Dear bwhite, can you inform me about the website of supra ...   Timchen

04-02-02   Timchen - i will gladly help you. the supratek website is: ...   Bwhite

04-03-02   Is there a phone number that you can call and talk to mick, ...   Abruce

04-03-02   Mick responds to emails often - twice a day in some cases. ...   Bwhite

04-03-02   Has anyone compared this to the first sound presence deluxe ...   Esb

04-04-02   It is risky business to call any gear the best deal of the c ...   Timchen

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