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  Bridge or bi-amp? Which should I do?
I have an older NAD amp, 2400. I just purchasd an NAD C370 intergrated amp. Should I bridge both of them or bi-amp my speakers? I have a pair of B&W 602's, but plan to upgrade as the years go by.
Stbhorn  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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11-27-01   ...meaning different amps for each speaker? if your speakers ...   Marakanetz

11-27-01   Unless you are sure that the wattage, impedence, etc. is ide ...   Creeper

11-27-01   Biamp, so as to not degrade your damping factor via bridging   Bob_bundus

11-28-01   I would also biamp. i am not sure that nad amplifiers like ...   Beaudoind

11-28-01   I once talked to the folks at bryston about bridging their a ...   Bwyoung

12-13-01   I recently sold my nad 2400 and purchased the new nad c270 a ...   Stbhorn

12-14-01   There is a very good discussion of some of the benefits of b ...   Craigklomparens

12-15-01   The issue of good sound is always a quest. for this reason, ...   waxcylinder@

12-15-01   I may be dense (may?) but, how are you intending to do this ...   Inscrutable

01-11-02   I decided to bridge my amps and love the results. big, open ...   Stbhorn

03-03-15   Pretty sure they do, as i tested them prior to this response ...   Popeye_dgh

03-03-15   Nad amps can be bridged, but when i did so with my 3400 and ...   Popeye_dgh

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