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CES 2004: Featured
Featured Exhibitors
Outstanding exhibits from companies that are
of special interest to the Audiogon community.

Albert Porter shots
Hi-Res pictures from the resident audio guru
and professional photographer by trade.

Wild and Horny rigs
Lots of horns and tubes at the show,
and some rather unusual speaker designs.

Budget Oriented gear
Extremely affordable audio products
which can provide a real taste of high end.

CES 2004: Room by Room
SanRemo Ballrooms
T.H.E. Show
Large ballrooms with very large systems for display.

StTropez Exhibits
T.H.E. Show
Hotel room exhibits, high end two channel mostly.

AlexisPark Exhibits
C.E.S. Show
Hotel room exhibits, high end audio video exhibitors.

Convention Center
C.E.S. Show
Huge convention center,
mostly home theater to mainstream.